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Gordon A. v. Construction Company

Gordon A. v. Construction Company


The Defendant was driving 2004 Ford F-250 Truck southbound on 60th Street West. At that time Gordon A. was riding his Harley-Davidson southbound on 60th Street West behind Defendant’s vehicle. The Defendant slowed his truck in what looked to be making a right turn onto westbound Avenue M-8, but instead made an abrupt u-turn with the intent to go eastbound on Avenue M-8. As a result, Defendant turned his truck directly into the path of Gordon A. and his motorcycle causing a violent broadside collision.

The Injuries

After the collision, Gordon A. was admitted to the Emergency Room at Holy Cross Medical Center. Gordon A. sustained a right non-displaced malleolar (ankle) fracture, right fibula (lower leg) fracture, rib fracture and toe fracture.

The case

Tom Reinecke was able to prove that Defendant failed to yield the right-of-way, made an unsafe u-turn and failed to obey the basic “rules of the road” causing the collision and the resulting injuries and damages to the our client. The Defendant later admitted that he “changed his mind” about the right turn and made a u-turn instead.

The Result

Motorcycle attorney Tom Reinecke obtained a $820,000.00 result for Gordon A. “Gordon’s medical bills paid by health insurance were less than $15,000.00. We received an award of $820,000.00. After a few weeks, I got a nice call from Gordon who was very grateful for the outcome. Gordon informed me that he had moved to Texas and was able to buy some land and a new motorcycle.” Tom Reinecke