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James A. v. Towing Company

James A. v. Towing Company


James A. was riding a 2015 Yamaha Bolt northbound on Pacific Place in Long Beach, California when a tow truck made an illegal u-turn across double yellow lines colliding into James A. and his motorcycle.

The Injuries

James A. sustained a left arm fracture and multiple abrasions.

The case

The towing company’s insurance company repeatedly stated they were “investigating liability” and they refused to pay for James A.’s totaled motorcycle, medical bills or lost wages.

The Result

Motorcycle attorney Tom Reinecke obtained a $500,000.00 result for James A. “I met with James in the hospital and worked hard to quickly get top dollar for his bike, pay off the loan balance, negotiate a substantial reduction of his Med-Cal reimbursement lien and after aggressively litigating his case.” Tom Reinecke