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Steve M. v. Motorist

Steve M. v. Motorist


On a warm, summer day Steve M. was riding a Honda CBR motorcycle southbound on Termino Avenue in Long Beach, California when a motorist suddenly accelerated their vehicle from a stop sign at 8th Street colliding into Steve M.’s motorcycle.

The Injuries

Steve M.’s CT scans and X‑rays, showed comminuted crush fracture of the distal femur with extensive fragmentation (Grade 3(B) open distal femur fracture, supracondylar and intracondylar, comminuted type). Steve M. underwent surgery for the Open Femur Fracture which involved the installation of ab external fixator with pins at the anterolateral femur and the proximal media tibia.

The case

The motorist had stated “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you!”. The Long Beach Police Department arrived to conduct an accident investigation which concluded that the motorist was the sole cause of the collision operating their vehicle in violation of the California Vehicle Code § 21802(a) – Failure to Yield for Oncoming Traffic. Even though, the motorist admitted liability, was cited for violation of California Vehicle Code § 21802(a) and plead guilty, their insurance company still would not accept liability. Steve M.’s motorcycle sustained major body, mechanical and frame damage and was determined to be a total loss. The property damage aspect of his claim was quickly resolved by The Reinecke Law Firm for the top dollar.

The Result

Motorcycle lawyer Tom Reinecke obtained a $500,000.00 policy limits result for Steve M. Tom Reinecke was also successful in waiving more than $90,000.00 in medical bills for Steve M. “I was successful in getting the policy limits of $500,000.00 for Steve. But I didn’t stop working on his case. I was also successful in getting his health insurance to waive his St. Mary’s Medical Center medical bills giving Steve an additional $90,428.33 to his net settlement.” Tom Reinecke