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Talitha M. v. Nationwide Courier

Talitha M. v. Nationwide Courier


Talitha M. was riding a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 westbound on Olympic Parkway in Chula Vista, California when a package delivery box truck changed lanes forcing the Talitha M. to the left into the center curb, loose control and crash.

The Injuries

Talitha M. sustained both left and right arm fractures and other injuries.

The case

The nationwide courier, their insurance company and their attorneys denied all liability claiming no contact, unsafe passing and over-reaction.

The Result

Motorcycle attorney Tom Reinecke obtained a $452,255.00 result for Talitha M. “Truck cases can be more difficult as trucking companies and their large commercial insurance companies aggressively defend their drivers and cases. We were required to file a lawsuit and conduct discovery including depositions to get an inspection of the box truck, GPS data showing the movement of the truck and witness information. We were able to prove liability and I was glad to help our client get enough money to buy a house and go back to work as a truck driver.” Tom Reinecke