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Teresa M. v. Motorist

Teresa M. v. Motorist

$1,000,000 HIGHWAY ENTRY

Teresa M. was riding her Honda Shadow southbound on Beach Boulevard in Buena Park, California when a driver exited a private driveway to enter Beach Boulevard. The driver then accelerated and crossed three (3) lanes of traffic in an attempt to get into the left turn lane at the next intersection. The driver drove their vehicle directly into the path of Teresa M. As a result, her right foot was crushed between the two vehicles.

The Injuries

Teresa M. sustained severe right ankle fractures requiring multiple surgeries and other injuries.

The case

The insurance company and their attorneys accepted liability but disputed my client’s injury prognosis and damages. They even hired a medical doctor to try to discount the cost of her medical past and future bills. A trial date was set and Tom Reinecke was eventually successful in resolving his client’s case for the insurance policy limits.

The Result

Motorcycle attorney Tom Reinecke obtained a $1,004,783.00 result for Teresa M.