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Motorcycle Accident Do’s And Don’ts

General September 20, 2021

Don’t discuss your accident or injuries with anyone!

Only discuss the accident or injuries with your doctor and your assigned Property Damage Adjustor. Most importantly, don’t give any written or recorded statements to anyone, especially representatives from the insurance company.

Do speak with the insurance company regarding your motorcycle damage, car rental, storage, and towing costs.

If the Property Damage Adjustor has not already done so, they will be contacting you in the next few days to arrange for the inspection of your motorcycle. However, ONLY speak with them regarding your property damage claim!

Don’t give a written or recorded statement to anyone.

If your vehicle has been towed and is being stored, lower the amount of your damages by calling the storage yard to “release” your vehicle to the insurance company, or move your vehicle to “fee free” location.

Do follow your doctor’s medical advice.

Only by following your doctor’s advice can you hope to fully recover from your injuries. Make sure you tell your doctor everything about your injuries. Do not exaggerate, but at the same time do not understate the extent of your pain or injuries. Keep in mind that your doctor or nurse will write down in your medical chart everything you tell them regarding your complaints and injuries. If you do not tell them about all your injuries, they will not be noted in your medical records. This could present a problem if you or your attorney needs to verify a particular injury and you did not tell your doctor of all your symptoms.

Do be thorough when telling medical professionals about your injuries.

Doctors and nurses will record everything you tell them regarding your complaints and injuries in your medical chart. If you do not tell them about ALL your injuries, your medical records will be incomplete and could affect the outcome of your case.

Don’t sign anything.

Insurance companies sometimes offer a quick settlement and request that you sign a General Release which will take away your right to seek compensation in the future. We recommend that you consult with an auto accident attorney for advice before signing any document that might affect your rights.

Do contact an auto accident attorney immediately if the insurance company treats you unfairly.

1) The insurance company does not return calls within a reasonable period of time.

2) The insurance company has not inspected your motorcycle.

3) The insurance company has failed to pay for your motorcycle repairs, rental expenses, aftermarket parts or other damaged personal property.

4) The insurance company has not paid all of your medical bills.

Do keep track of medical bills and other expenses.

Please keep detailed and accurate records of all your accident related expenses, including bills for doctors, hospitals, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, drugs, nursing, and household expenses. Also keep track of what you spend on taxi fares, rental cars, estimates of repair, and any other bills connected with your case. Save all bills and ask for receipts. Each bill may help to increase the value of your case.

Do make sure your health insurance pays for all your medical bills.

Even though someone else may be at fault for your accident, you are still personally responsible for the payment of all of your medical bills until your case is settled or resolved. As such, if you have health insurance, be sure to submit all of your medical bills to your health insurance company for payment. If necessary, consult with your doctors or healthcare providers to confirm that they have sent all your medical bills to your health insurance company. Any delay in doing so may affect coverage for the bills and render you personally responsible for paying them.

If you don’t have health insurance:

If you do not have private or public health insurance, please contact a customer service representative at your hospital or doctor’s office to see if you are eligible for various Federal, State, or private programs that are available to the public to assist in the paying of hospital charges. Applications for Medi-Cal, MSI, and Healthy Families (for minors only) can be obtained through our office. At The Reinecke Law Firm, we can also refer you to a doctor or medical specialist.

Do obtain and preserve the following documents and evidence:

1) Photographs of you showing any visible injuries.

2) Photographs of damage to your motorcycle.

3) Your Motorcycle Repair Estimate showing your deductible.

4) Your Health Insurance Card (front and back).

5) Your Motorcycle Liability Insurance Declaration page.

6) The names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.

7) All medical, emergency room, hospital and ambulance bills.

8) Any collection or late notices related to your case.

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