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Written or Recorded Statements- Don't Do It!

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

Furthermore, the insurance company representative may contact you, and, in a real friendly voice, ask you to draw a diagram how the accident occurred. This will also hurt if not kill your case. The best recommendation is to not even meet with the insurance company without the assistance of proper legal counsel. Get a good California motorcycle lawyer to assist you.

Next, the insurance company representative for the driver at fault may also ask you to sign the Medical Authorization. Do not do so. They may not fulfill the requirements of privacy and, they will allow the insurance company to obtain any and all of your medical records, employment, other personal information, which they may not be entitled to if this case proceeded to court. In other words, you are opening up your entire life to the insurance company. Rest assured, they will find something that will mitigate their exposure or liability or damages in their case or point.

Next, the representative for the insurance company for the driver at fault may also ask you to undergo a medical examination by what they call a "Independent Medical Examiner." Trust me, they are truly not independent and they are paid for directly by the insurance company. I have taken many, many depositions of these "Independent" healthcare providers, and they are not all independent. In fact, I could probably tell you what they would say about any patient not even having examined someone. As such, you should avoid a "medical examination" and seek the assistance of a motorcycle attorney. Under No Circumstances Should You Attend a Medical Examination Without Legal Consultation!


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer