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Ventura / Oxnard Motorcycle Accident Help

Left Hand Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Liability in left hand turn motorcycle accidents in Ventura / Oxnard California may not be as clear-cut as you think. Over half of the motorcycle accident cases we handle at the Reinecke Law Firm involve a car making a left turn or failing to yield at an intersection. What you need to know is that in almost every single motorcycle accident case, the insurance company will argue that you were completely or partially at fault. Proving liability is a battle and you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on YOUR side to fight for YOUR rights.

Lane-Sharing/Lane-Splitting Accidents

Even though lane splitting is legal, it won't stop a creative cop in Ventura California from concluding that YOU were at fault and cite YOU for riding at an Unsafe Speed for Conditions (CVC 22350), breaking the plane between lanes- Straddling or Unsafe Lane Changes (CVC 21658a), or some other imaginary violation.

You need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on YOUR side to fight for YOUR rights. At The Reinecke Law Firm we have successfully handled hundreds of lane splitting collision and injury cases. We can help you.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Don't Assume You're on Your Own if Road Conditions in Ventura California Cause a Crash. Talk to a Lawyer Before You Talk to the Insurance Company. Protect your rights if you have been in a serious motorcycle accident.

Defective Motorcycles

Proving that a motorcycle defect caused an accident takes experience, time and resources. Often, design engineers must be retained in order to examine the bike and provide their expert opinions about possible design defects or manufacturing errors.

Motorcycle companies fight these cases tooth and nail to protect their reputations as well as their bottom lines. You deserve legal representation from a Ventura California motorcycle lawyer who will fight just as hard to protect you.

Free call and consultation: If you have been injured in a left-hand turn accident, call California motorcycle accident attorney Tom Reinecke at 800-275-8326 for an immediate, no-obligation lawyer consultation. Save $500 in attorney fees by filling out our simple form.


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