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The Insurance Company Mentality in Motorcycle Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

As a former insurance company attorney, I know that the insurance companies want to settle your property damage claim quickly and for the least amount of money as possible. Every dollar they do not pay is a dollar that they saved for their company.

As such, you and your counsel or qualified motorcycle attorney must provide convincing documentation and evidence establishing liability in your property damage claim.

With proper documentation, you can show the highest value for your motorcycle and, most likely will receive the highest payment for your motorcycle. It is worth the time and effort to obtain proper documentation in negotiating your property damage claim with the insurance company.

To obtain the prompt, fair, and equitable value of your damaged motorcycle, you need to have the proper documentation to establish the fair market value, the depreciation, the additions to the bike that increased the value, and other necessary documents.

The California motorcycle attorneys at The Reinecke Law Firm have represented thousands and thousands of clients and obtained the best property damage recovery.

If you do not agree with the insurance company?s initial property damage evaluation of your motorcycle, you must negotiate with the insurance company. Always remember, documentation and evidence wins.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer