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Selection of a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

You have the right to have your motorcycle repaired by any motorcycle repair shop you choose. Insurance companies typically try to avoid sending your motorcycle to a motorcycle dealer as they are generally more expensive than other repair shops. We have learned over the years that some insurance companies have affiliations with repair shops that they call "qualified" repair facilities. We believe that there is a backroom deal where the insurance companies promise to send the vehicles to these repair shops for doing the repairs at a discounted rate. The reason we say this is that we have a vehicle inspected by three other locations that have all of the estimates at a certain amount, say approximately $5,000.00. Then when the motorcycle is taken to the "qualified" repair location, the estimate comes back at $2,000.00. This either means that they are not doing all the work, or using used parts, or simply undercutting the cost of repairs. We believe it is the former, that not all of the repairs are done or, that used parts are being used.

Over the years, we have also heard many "motorcycle repair nightmares." As such, we know and have a list of reputable motorcycle repair shops in the area. We also have references from friends, co-workers, and other bikers who have used certain shops and recommend them. The Better Business Bureau may also assist you in selecting a reputable motorcycle repair location in your neighborhood.

If you decide to have your insurance company pay for the repairs, they will send a property damage adjuster to the repair shop. The property damage adjuster and the repair shop will then inspect the motorcycle and estimate the appropriate cost of repairs. The property damage adjuster and the repair shop representative will then compare their estimates of damage and set the appropriate guidelines at the prevailing rates. The work will then begin on your motorcycle.

As you are the insured, your insurance company or the driver at fault?s insurance company will send a check with you named as an "additional payee." However, you may be required to sign a letter transferring your rights to the property damage draft directly to the motorcycle repair location. Your insurance company will then request and obtain reimbursement also called subrogation from the driver at fault for the money they have spent to repair your motorcycle.

As stated before, if you requested the negligent driver?s insurance company pay for the cost of your motorcycle repairs, they will work with the repair shop directly to determine the fair repair cost, and they will also pay the repair shop costs directly for the repairs of your motorcycle. However, as stated above, your work will not be guaranteed, and you will be required to sign a property damage release forever discharging your rights from seeking re-repair or re-inspection of your motorcycle if you have any problems in the future.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer