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Motorcycle Insurance Issues- What's Covered

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

The motorcycle attorneys at The Reinecke Law Firm receive many questions from our clients, including the type of coverage they have, the type of coverage that the other party has, whether they are covered for towing or rental expenses, property damage, medical payments, and the amount of coverage. In addition, we receive questions regarding disability payments, medical care, and other insurance inquiries regarding any other insurance inquiries.

Sometimes our clients say that they have "full coverage" only to learn that they only have liability coverage. Liability coverage, provides coverage if you cause an accident to someone else. It is important to determine the types and expense of your liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, towing coverage, rental car coverage, and medical payment coverage, to be adequate in your specific claim and case. A motorcycle attorney must review your insurance policy to make sure that what types of coverage you have. We can also make recommendations as to what types of insurance coverage we would recommend in the future knowing your own financial requirements and needs, as well as types of coverage that you may require.

In order to answer questions about insurance coverage and limits, we are required to read the actual language in the insurance policy, determine whether the insurance policy was in effect or in force at the time of the accident, and review the applicable case law and statutes regarding insurance coverage. Sometimes, there can be specific exclusions for types of vehicles, including motorcycles, or exclusions as to certain drivers, or motorcyclists.

Sometimes, we determine that there is adequate or nonexistent insurance coverage. As stated before, we have learned that many of our younger motorcycle clients go on to purchase sport bikes and sign contracts which they believe are providing liability coverage for their motorcycle through companies, including "Pacific Specialty." When, in fact, they are not receiving liability coverage as required by the State of California, but are only signing and paying for the additional costs of insurance to cover the equity or cost of the replacement value of the motorcycle itself. In other words, they are not purchasing any protection for themselves, only protection for the lienholder, or person carrying the loan on the motorcycle. Normally, it is important that the purchaser of a new bike read the purchase installment contract closely. There should be a large blocked portion of the purchase contract stating that the insurance purchasing is not liability insurance coverage, but is only for protection of the lienholder.

The most important part in any motorcycle accident is to discover and determine the insurance company for the other party at fault involved in the accident. A competent motorcycle attorney will provide a preliminary review of the case at no cost. We will advise you of the merits of your claim, insurance coverage and determine whether there can be compensation for your injuries or damages.

If you need our firm to review your insurance policies after the accident, please call us at 1-800-275-8326.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer