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Meeting with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

Once the attorney has discussed your case on the phone, he will probably ask to proceed to a free initial consultation, probably held in the motorcycle accident lawyer's office, or, if he understands that you are injured or would be inconvenienced by traveling to his office, the motorcycle accident lawyer would offer to come to your house, home, or office. At The California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer - The Reinecke Law Firm, we normally can meet with our clients within four hours of our initial phone call. This is important so that we can preserve evidence, meet with our client and obtain the additional facts necessary to investigate the case, and get a head start on any other attorney that may be working on your case or claim.

When you arrive at the motorcycle accident law firm, you should ask about the lawyer and the law firm. Is the motorcycle accident law firm professional, clean and organized? Personal injury cases require a tremendous amount of paperwork, forms, reports, medical records and the like. Is the office organized or disorganized?

In addition, were you greeted professionally by a designated staff person at the motorcycle accident law firm? Was the receptionist able to greet you in a professional, personal manner? Or did they appear to be discourteous, disinterested and treating you like a "number?"

Were you made to wait beyond the designated appointment time in a crowded waiting room? Or were you treated with respect and promptly seen at the time of your appointment?

Does the motorcycle accident law office staff appear to be professional? Do they appear to be enthusiastic about their jobs and act in a professional manner? These people handle motorcycle accidents on a daily basis and know their clients, their cases and will learn a little bit about your personality.

They will be part of your "legal family" for weeks or months to come. It is good to have a good working relationship with your motorcycle accident law firm.

Once you have been introduced to the motorcycle accident attorney who will be conducting your initial motorcycle accident injury interview, the next thing you do is to assess the qualifications of the motorcycle accident lawyer. Some preliminary questions should be asked by you regarding the motorcycle accident attorney that will be handling your case or claim. Does he greet you by name? Was he interested in your case? During the initial interview, did he request detailed information regarding the accident and injuries? Did he ask about the mechanics of the motorcycle accident? Was the motorcycle accident lawyer?s office organized and private? You can tell a lot about someone by the way they keep their office. If the office is organized, usually the motorcycle accident lawyer is also organized in the way he conducts his business.

Was the motorcycle accident attorney familiar with the case law in California? Or did he not know what the California Vehicle Code was that was involved in the accident? Did the attorney provide a quick background of his or her qualifications and his history to practice motorcycle law in California? Many times, attorneys will tell you that they are motorcycle accident lawyer, but they have limited experience with motorcycle accident lawsuits. Some lawyers will claim to be motorcycle accident attorney, but will have very few claims, cases or trials with motorcycle accidents.

Did the attorney answer important questions regarding his qualifications as a motorcycle accident lawyer? Finally, did the attorney voluntarily explain what he can do for you in your motorcycle injury claim, the anticipated time for settlement, the attitude of the insurance companies towards motorcyclists and did he give you an overall picture of the settlement claim process or litigation process?

When meeting with you motorcycle accident lawyer, you must trust your gut instinct and feelings. During your initial meeting and telephone call you have a "first impression" about how you feel about the lawyer and his staff.

Is the attorney more interested in you than himself? Is he interested in what you say rather than what he is saying? And most importantly, do you like this person? You do not have to be best buds or friends for life but you must have a working relationship with your motorcycle accident lawyer. Some attorneys are aggressive, harsh and difficult to work with. They may not return phone calls or keep you fully satisfied as to the status of your claim or case. This is not who you want.

Furthermore, you do not want a biker who just happens to be a lawyer. You need a lawyer who just happens to be a biker. In other words, you do not want someone who runs their shop out of their house or subleases from some other attorney on a part time basis. And furthermore, you do not want a lawyer who just happens to practice whatever comes onto his desk and if a good divorce came in he would push your motorcycle injury case aside.

A successful settlement in any motorcycle case depends on retaining a successful motorcycle accident lawyer. You must have communications between the motorcyclist and your attorney and you must have a good feeling about your motorcycle injury lawyer. If the motorcycle accident lawyer does not answer your questions to your satisfaction or treats you with anything less than respect and professional courtesy, you should walk away as this person will not be a good attorney for you.

Remember, when you retain an attorney, the attorney works for you. He is your employee. You have the right to demand professionalism and excellence in his work. If you do not get it, then you may be hurt in the long run.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer