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Government Claims - Statues and Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

In addition to private liability insurance coverage, there may also be insurance coverage by a public entity for an accident caused on a public roadway or property or involving a government agency or employee.

In other words, a competent California motorcycle accident attorney must investigate the insurance policies covering not only the person or entity involved in the accident, but also whether there was any equipment, hazard, road design defect, lighting defect, governmental liability or even a products liability defect that may have caused or contributed to your motorcycle accident. A qualified California motorcycle law firm must investigate all possible insurance coverage, including government claims and product liability claims.

Furthermore, it is important that if you believe that an accident was caused by a public entity, such as a defective road design, pothole, improper lighting, defective traffic control device, one must file a proper governmental claim within six months of the accident. PLEASE NOTE: The specific statutory deadlines and government claim deadlines for your case or claim are not addressed here and will require the examination and evaluation by a qualified California motorcycle lawyer.

If you have or believe you have been involved in an accident where there was a potential liability that caused or contributed the accident by a governmental entity, such as city, county, school district, or the state, please contact a California motorcycle injury lawyer today at 1-800-275-8326.

A California motorcycle accident lawyer will determine whether your insurance policy is current, whether the policy was in effect at the time of the accident, the types of coverage, the amount of coverage, the deductibles, the exclusions, limitations and amendments to the policies, and research and identify additional tortfeasors and coverage that may provide compensation for the motorcycle accident injury.

In our years of experience as California motorcycle injury lawyers, we have had numerous cases in which numerous parties were at fault for the accident. As such, we made claims or filed lawsuits against multiple parties and tortfeasors for negligent acts that caused or contributed to our motorcycle accident clients. In cases like that, the multiple parties might file cross-complaints against each other and may seek indemnification or reimbursement from each other for the negligent acts. A case such as this requires the experience of competent California motorcycle lawyers who have experience in insurance coverage, negotiations, litigation and the ability to determine and distinguish coverage.

If you have a case that involves multiple parties, please contact the Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer at 1-800-275-8326.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer