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Fracture Injury Motorcycle Accidents

Fracture Injury Motorcycle Accidents

The Motorcycle Rider and Fracture Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause a wide range of physical injuries. Among the most common are bone fractures, often to the legs, ankles, or feet. Many times, those with fracture injuries are on crutches or bedridden for weeks or months, unable to work as the medical bills pile up.

Am I Receiving the Best Treatment for My Fracture?

Sometimes, medical providers have a financial incentive to provide less expensive treatment for a bone fracture. For example, many doctors chose to put a cast on a fracture injury rather than performing surgery because, though surgery is more precise and effective in healing fractures, it's more costly. Choosing the less-expensive option can hurt you in the long run. If broken bones are not properly set, they can cause permanent disabilities and even become re-injured in the future.

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