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Finding the Right Motorcycle Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

There are many types of "specialties" in the field of law or accident cases. Some attorneys limit their practices to business law, family law, divorce, or tax cases.

A great number of attorneys do not really specialize in any particular law. Just like doctors who are "general practitioners," lawyers can also be considered "general practitioners." They provide the legal expertise and advice to their clients on a wide range of legal matters.

Many of our clients have worked with attorneys in the past who have done an excellent job in giving them legal advice in their specific area of family law, divorce, traffic, or business law.

But if you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is especially important that you consult with a motorcycle accident attorney who has years of experience both in the field of motorcycle injury law and motorcycle accident litigation. These attorneys are specialists in personal injury and are California motorcycle lawyers.

There are few good ways to find a good motorcycle accident attorney. There are also some pitfalls to avoid. The most effective way to find a good, reputable motorcycle accident attorney is to ask people you know and trust, including family, friends, and other bikers who have personal experience working with the motorcycle injury attorney. When you ask a family member or friend to recommend a motorcycle accident attorney, ask them about their personal experience with the attorney and the results that they obtained for them.

At The California Motorcycle Lawyer - The Reinecke Law Firm, we pride ourselves in personal special attention to each of our motorcycle accident clients.

Things to ask the new motorcycle accident lawyer include:

  • Did the attorney keep promises to call back and keep the client fully informed?
  • Was the motorcycle attorney professional, efficient and available for telephone or in-person conferences?
  • Did the motorcycle accident attorney communicate with you on a regular occasion and provide informative phone calls, letters and reports?
  • Did the attorney win a satisfactory settlement in your motorcycle accident case?
  • Did the settlement process run smoothly and in a timely manner or seem to drag on without any resolution in sight?
  • Were the attorney fees and costs reasonable to other motorcycle accident attorneys?
  • Was the motorcyclist satisfied with the experience and happy with the motorcycle accident lawyer?
  • Would the motorcyclists refer another person to handle a similar personal injury or motorcycle accident claim?

In addition to family, friends and other motorcyclists, another excellent source of referrals for a motorcycle accident attorney would be your doctor or other lawyers. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and want to talk to an attorney about your case, ask your doctor or healthcare provider to recommend an attorney. Most likely, your doctor, therapist or healthcare provider has experience working with a good, experienced personal injury attorney or motorcycle accident attorney.

Remember that your doctor, physical therapist or healthcare giver and your motorcycle accident attorney will work together during your case as a team to obtain all of your medical records, itemized bills, ensure that you receive the proper healthcare and diagnostic testing, timely receive reports and itemized bills and hopefully, negotiate a successful settlement of your motorcycle accident claim.

In addition, after you meet your attorney for the first time, your first impression is always very important. Was your attorney professional, courteous and competent or really aggressive in promising the world? Think of how your motorcycle accident lawyer would look to a jury or in settlement negotiation representing you.

Even though many of our clients may look different than conservative jurors, we want to present an image that we are not whiners, and not overreaching on our case at point. You need a conservative professional approach presenting your claim to obtain the maximum recovery for your motorcycle accident injury.

Your first point of contact with a perspective motorcycle accident attorney is likely to be by telephone call to his or her office. This first contact with the motorcycle accident lawyer is very important. Below please find a checklist of important questions to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer before you visit him with an in-person evaluation of your case.

The questions to ask a motorcycle accident lawyer may include:

  • Was the receptionist as courteous, professional and willing to direct your call promptly to the motorcycle accident lawyer or did you get transferred to a paralegal or legal assistant?
  • Once your telephone call was answered or transferred, did you speak to the attorney in person? Were you required to wait for a long period of time, put on prolonged hold or diverted to voice mail?
  • Did the motorcycle accident lawyer speak to you and give you undivided attention on the phone?
  • Did the motorcycle accident lawyer ask you specific questions about your case?
  • Did the motorcycle accident lawyer offer to set up an appointment with you or come to your house, home or office to discuss your case, free of charge, to obtain the necessary information to fully evaluate your motorcycle injury case?

If you have positive responses to these questions, then you are probably on the right track towards finding a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer