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Do I Really Need a Motorcycle Attorney?

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

Most motorcycle accident cases are not simple cases. They involve issues of liability, comparative negligence, medical liens, insurance reimbursement, disputed liability, extensive damages, and other factors that make the cases "complex."

If your motorcycle accident claim has any issues that are not 100 percent clear-cut, you may need the representation of a personal injury attorney.

Should I hire any personal injury attorney or a motorcycle personal injury attorney? This is a great question. Generally, litigators or personal injury attorneys may handle many types of injuries, including slip and falls to dog bites. Some general practitioner attorneys may handle everything from divorces to contract work. In selecting your attorney, you should select one that has the experience and knowledge regarding your type of case. That makes sense.

For example, you would not hire a divorce attorney to handle your motorcycle accident case.

Specifically, with motorcycle cases, they are a different breed than any other cases involving personal injury. He must be a competent litigator and know about motorcycles.

It is not necessary that a motorcycle attorney be a former motorcycle racer, but he must know the mechanics of motorcycles, the type of riding motorcyclists do, the types of risks that motorcyclists take (i.e., the attorney should be a motorcyclist!). Furthermore, the attorney should be a competent litigator with years of experience in handling cases just like yours.

At The Reinecke Law Firm, Attorney Thomas G. Reinecke has been a motorcyclist since the age of 7. He is a former service officer of a police department, a former judge pro tem for the Orange County Superior Court, and has handled thousands of personal injury cases, including personal injury motorcycle cases. Furthermore, the attorneys at The Reinecke Law Firm have a successful reputation of handling motorcyclists and they understand the mechanics of motorcycle riding, the biomechanics of injury, the risks of being a biker, and they understand how motorcyclists think.

WARNING! Do Not Be Fooled By These Young Attorneys That Claim To Be "Motorcycle Attorneys" When, In Fact, They Are Only Motorcyclists. Just because someone can ride a bike does not mean they are a good, aggressive attorney. You need a specialist, a California motorcycle lawyer.

Next, when you call your motorcycle attorney, tell him about your case and ask for an initial consultation. Always confirm that the initial telephone conversation is free. If not, consider another attorney. At The Reinecke Law Firm, the initial consultation is always free. In fact, we can normally come to your house or home, or even office, within four hours or less.

The experienced personal injury attorneys and California motorcycle law firm will then meet with you regarding your motorcycle accident case in detail. Often, the attorneys at the Southern California Motorcycle Law Firm will advise you that you do not need legal counsel, it would be best for you to handle your case on your own, that you do not need the time or expense of a motorcycle attorney. Honesty is the best policy. The attorney will then be able to provide you with the basic guidelines for your self-representation and consultation that will help you to successfully settle or resolve your own case.

Sometimes, when the motorcycle attorney evaluates your case, he may tell you that it is too late for legal representation to have a significant impact or to assist you in your case. Perhaps the statute of limitations is run, or the evidence is destroyed. It may cause irreparable harm to your case and you may be barred from pursuing your case or claim. It is important that you have your case or claim evaluated by a motorcycle law firm or motorcycle attorney to determine if you have been barred by the applicable statute of limitation. In California, there are certain time deadlines to file a lawsuit. Furthermore, if you intend to make a governmental claim, you must timely do so within a specific time period. This web site is not intended to give you any legal advice, including any legal advice as to specific statute of limitations for your particular case or government claim statute. Please take the time to talk to a qualified attorney to discuss the specific facts of your claim or case.

Sometimes, a the California Motorcycle Law Firm, we get calls from motorcyclists who have already received a settlement offer and they want our recommendation as to whether to accept or reject the settlement. However, again, honesty is the best policy, and we will not come into the case, for if the case settled for the same or similar amount, it would reduce the net recovery to the client. This would not be fair. We will give you a fair and honest evaluation of your case or claim on the information as provided to us. Please note, that without further investigation, we cannot give you advice or recommendations as to the total settlement or value of your case or claim.

However, in certain situations, in a motorcycle accident, you may be required to hire an attorney. Furthermore, you may be required to hire an attorney NOW!

When do you need to hire an attorney? NOW!


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer