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Defective Motorcycles

Defective Motorcycles

Motorcycle Defects and the 'Harley Wobble'

After a motorcycle accident, it makes perfect sense to blame the other driver involved in the crash. However, sometimes the bike itself is to blame. A classic example is the Harley Davidson manufacturing defect that causes the "Harley wobble." Also known as the "death wobble," the bike is manufactured in such a way that certain bikes wobbles at high speeds. If a high-speed wobble or other manufacturing defect causes a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Product Liability Lawsuits Against Motorcycle Companies

These types of lawsuits are known as product liability claims. In a product liability lawsuit, an injury victim argues that the motorcycle company did one or more of the following:

  • Designed a defective motorcycle or part;
  • Made manufacturing errors that resulted in malfunction; or
  • Failed to give proper warning to riders of known hazards

Any of these actions may be a violation of a manufacturer's legal responsibilities to there customers.

Product Liability Cases Are Hard to Prove

Proving that a motorcycle defect caused an accident takes experience, time and resources. Often, design engineers must be retained in order to examine the bike and provide their expert opinions about possible design defects or manufacturing errors.

Motorcycle companies fight these cases tooth and nail to protect their reputations as well as their bottom lines. You deserve legal representation from a motorcycle lawyer who will fight just as hard to protect you.

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