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Choosing the Right Doctor After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

California Motorcycle Law

After a motorcycle accident, for that matter any accident involving injuries, you must select the right doctor as well as the right lawyer. This means that you may have to do research on a doctor who will provide you with the proper medical care. A motorcycle accident patient needs the appropriate care and a legitimate and justified effort on your part to successfully manage an optimal recovery. Do not doctor shop to get a result. This may be considered insurance fraud in seeking financial gain.

We recommend that you follow your doctor's advice as far as physical therapy, medication and referral to specialist. It is your right and your responsibility to seek out the best possible medical care and treatment for your motorcycle-related injuries. Sometimes, you may have to see numerous doctors for second opinions especially, if a doctor has prescribed surgery or you have a medical history of a pre-existing condition. What you do not want is a history of shopping from doctor to doctor for treatment without any commitment on your part to follow their prescribed treatment plan or to truly seek recovery for your injuries sustained in your motorcycle accident.

Furthermore, the insurance companies will look at gaps in treatment between the different healthcare professionals. In other words, if you go to the emergency room, and see a follow up doctor and then wait three months to see the specialist, they will argue that the injuries were not that acute or important to you and therefore this will dramatically diminish the value of your claim or case.

In addition, you should explain your medical history to both your doctor and your attorney. Nothing is worse than having a client go through a conservative course of treatment and medical care only to find out that there was a prior accident or previous condition that would dramatically diminish the case. With today's computer systems, there are what is called Index searches that insurance companies run to determine if someone has been involved in a prior accident. These Index searches by insurance companies will determine and show what parts of the body were injured, the date of the accident and the amount of the damage incurred. They may also show the amount of settlement of prior accident or injury claims. As such, one must tell the doctor of any history of prior accidents and whether there were any continuing symptoms at the time of the motorcycle accident. Worse yet, if the medical history shows a wide range of unrelated inconsistent complaints to different doctors at different times and there is no verifiable medical proof to back up your bodily injury claims, your demand for settlement in your motorcycle injury case may appear to be suspect and denied by the insurance company. A professional personal injury motorcycle attorney is likely to decline to represent a person who doctor shops because they suggest either a poorly documented and losing case or an attempt to commit insurance fraud. This is strongly dissuaded and avoided by The Reinecke Law Firm, The California Motorcycle Attorney.

It is also important to show that there is no bias between the lawyer and the doctor. This means that the lawyer and the doctor are not working together to inflate your treatment, exaggerate your injuries, or obtain an unjust recovery.

Your doctor is the only person that can prescribe, diagnose and give you a prognosis on your motorcycle accident injuries. The doctor will provide only medically necessary medical treatment and his bills must be medically reasonable. Reasonable means that the treatment was provided for an appropriate amount of time and cost and is reasonable within the medical community. Necessary means that the treatment was referred and monitored by the attending physician and that it was needed to treat the patient. If your medical care is unreasonable or unnecessary, it may be successfully refuted by the insurance company or their defense lawyers.


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer