Top 5 Southern California Roads for Motorcycle Rides

Ever get tired of riding around the city streets or over populated freeways where you are stopping and going a lot because of traffic, stop signs, and stop lights? In sunny California, we sure do. There are, however, a few good fun places to ride where all you need to do is lean and pull the throttle. We will go over some of the fun roads we have around in Southern California where you can enjoy the winding and twisting roads and not have to stop.

1. Live Oak Canyon

This scenic ride is pretty mellow with some nice and cool trees to ride through. A lot of the road has tree branches overhead which makes for a great canopy for when it gets hot. The road is windy and mostly smooth. You do need to watch for traffic as it can get heavy sometimes with a lot of bikers heading to the famous Cook’s Corner bar that is located at the end of the road.

2. Ortega Highway

Ortega highway is 32 miles of winding road bliss. You can follow the road from Lake Elsinore to San Juan Capistrano or vice versa. There are a few bike bars along the way and can make for a great weekend ride. However, you will want to ride as early as possible because traffic can fill up on this highway. The curves are pretty smooth but there are a few cliffs next to the road, so if you do not like heights you may not want to ride this road.

3. Glendora Mountain Road

This road will take you up to Mountain Baldy Ski Resort. 22 miles of windy technical roads but still a lot of fun. Some say they wish the road was longer but most all say the road conditions are great. This road is mostly used by bikers and cyclists and you do have to watch out for deer. Traffic is not very much but for the best times to ride on the road would be middle of the day during the week and early in the morning on the weekends.

4. Murrieta to Carlsbad

Carlsbad is a great place to end on a fun ride. The ocean breeze fills the air and you can cool down and relax after riding for a good solid 45 minutes to an hour from Murrieta. The roads are always in great shape and there are several hills and turns to please any experienced rider. The only down side to this amazing route is the lack of amenities til Fallbrook but that just gives you the urgency to keep going.

5. Angeles Crest Highway

This ride has the best of the best for scenery, length, climbing, and more. Everything about being in the mountains can make you feel relaxed and free. This road is 60 miles long starting from La Canada in Los Angeles and take you all the way up to Wrightwood, right where the ski resorts are.  You must go when there is no snow yet on the highways because after the snow falls the road becomes closed and you will have to wait til the next season to make the journey. The roads are well maintained and the traffic in non-existent. If you are looking for the most awesome all-around ride get on your bike and head out there and enjoy the fresh air. Be sure to wear the right clothing as it can get pretty cold once you get to the higher elevation.

Have fun and enjoy the amazing California weather while riding. Enjoy the roads and if you have any more suggestions please let us know and we will let our followers know. For more roads and routes check out

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