Do you own a Honda Goldwing?

If you are an owner of a Honda Goldwing you may need to get your airbag replaced.

Over the past year there have been millions of Takata airbags recalled for safety reasons. The main concern is the bag projecting metal pieces like a grenade when the airbag goes off. While this has only effected cars just this week it is now effecting motorcycles.

The Honda Goldwing is the primary concern as it is the only motorcycle that has an airbag. Models of the Goldwing that are affected by the recall range from 2006 to 2010 and only in certain regions.


Only Goldwings being sold or operated in areas with high humidity or frequent temperature cycling are being recalled at this time. No schedule for repairs and replacements have¬†been announced, but owners are invited to call Honda at 1-866-784-1870 for more information. You may¬†check the recall status of your vehicle with NHTSA’s lookup tool using your car or bike’s VIN.

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