Orange County Choppers Paul Senior Hoax

It was reported in an article by the “Gasoline Society” on the Iron Demons website on April 18th, 2016  that Paul Sr. of the famous motorcycle show Orange County Choppers was involved in a motorcycle accident that costed him his life. The report was made in Louisiana:

Louisiana State Police say 68-year-old Paul Teutul was killed, April 18, 2016, when his motorcycle was struck by an SUV in Greta. The crash involved five vehicles. A second motorcyclist, Mark Duffy, was also injured and was in critical condition Monday.

A 68-year-old Paul Teutul was killed today (April 18) when a driver ignored a red light and caused a five-vehicle crash in Gretna, Louisiana State Police said. A second motorcyclist involved in the crash was in critical condition.

The second motorcyclist, Mark Duffy, 56, of Gretna, was also ejected when his 2006 Harley Davidson struck Liccardi’s QX80 on the driver’s side rear door during the crash. Duffy was being treated at University Medical Center, police said. Harmon was also taken there but pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

The accident is real but the name of the rider who was killed was replaced with Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers. Iron Demons has since removed the article from their site but others still believed that Paul Sr. really had died even days after the hoax article was removed.

Orange County Choppers responded to the hoax by stating on Facebook the following:


The hoax article set was startling for many and Paul Sr. even personally responded to many people’s Facebook status’s saying that he is still alive and well.

Facebook Paul Sr.

We are glad that Paul Sr. is still alive and well. We enjoy watching his Orange County Chopper show even when we are located in Orange County California. His show is inspiring and fun to watch. We look forward to watching more specials on his chopper builds and to seeing him at motorcycle shows across the nation.

Even though this was a Hoax we still encourage all motorcyclists to ride safe and smart. We also want  you to remember that if you are ever in a motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law Firm now to get a free case evaluation. We Ride, We Fight, and We Win. Call now at 1(800)275-8326.