New Motorcycles Coming for Next Year

In Milan, Italy the EICMA 74th Worldwide Motorcycle Exhibition 2016 many top companies are exposing their new motorcycles coming to life with the desire of gaining new and old customers to purchase the latest and greatest motorcycles to come in 2017.


A few corporations such as Honda, Ducati, and Yamaha have already revealed new models  and features of motorcycles that will be ready for purchase within this next year. Eicma-Motorcycle Exhibition is a 4 day event being held from 10th November to the 13th to show case the many advancements and industry in the motorcycle communities around the world.


Motorcyclists of all kinds will flock from all over the world to get the first peaks of new products available. All types of riders including those who ride trails, roads, races, cross-country and many other types of motorcycles will be ready to see the future motorcycling. Did we mention there will be models showing off most of these magnificent machines?

Not only will there be tons of new motorcycles being revealed but also new safety equipment; helmets, goggles, armor, shoes, and more. This exhibition is not just for motorcycles and equipment, it is also home to almost all two-wheeled vehicles both powered by gas and electricity. Bicycle shops will be aplenty showing off their own technologies as well.

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