Motorcycle Safety Secret

looking aheadWhen riding your motorcycle it’s safe to say that your motorcycle is not the safest thing on the road. You are surrounded by thousands of people and you need to watch head to avoid everyone and everything on the roads. The secret to making it to work and home alive is to always keep your eyes open and ahead of the game. Okay, that’s not really a secret but if you want to be alive and safe you must be able to see what is going on around you and know what’s happening several hundred feet in front of you.

Riding with eyes wide open will give you time to react and make decisions ahead of what you could imagine that can occur at any second. Allowing yourself time and space will make navigating the roads and other drivers safer as well as making your awareness better to be seen.

Being safe is not only about seeing but it is also about making good decisions. Knowing that passing or lane splitting at high rates of speed can be highly unsafe and even fatal when attempted, also knowing the road conditions can be a great influence on how your motorcycle can react in different road conditions. We know motorcycles and motorcyclists are always about speed and cornering and doing stunts, sometimes all the same time but those who continue to push the limits will eventually feel the consequences. Be Smart, Be Aware, and Be Safe.

Here at the Reinecke Law Firm we see lot’s of motorcycle accidents day in and day out. A lot have to do with drivers and not so much the motorcyclists. We hope that drivers stay aware of the motorcyclists especially here in California where lane-splitting is legal and highly used.

If you are new to motorcycle riding we suggest that you take a motorcycle safety course near your place of residence.

If you are looking for an advanced motorcycle course or sportbike racing classes click the link here:

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