Motorcycle Airbag Suits Dainese

Finally the first airbag-equipped motorcycle race suits go on sale in the USA – the Dainese D-Air Racing suits. (Dainese has been working on D-Air since 2000). Rival brands are also expected to sell soon in the US.

The Dainese D-Store San Francisco offers the Misano (cow hide) which retails for $2,499 in stock sizes. The Mugello is kangaroo leather and is custom only. The D-Store SF suit in their showroom retails for $5,500 according to their facebook page.  No word yet on what the D-Air Street, a motorcycle airbag suit for anyone, will cost.

Dainese D Air Racing Suit

The system is a cold-fire deployment with four liters of air directly protecting the shoulders and collarbone, while indirectly also protecting neck roll by stabilizing the helmet via the shoulders. It takes 45ms for the D-Air Racing to detect a crash is happening and to deploy its airbag. Airbag deployments will only occur when a rider highsides or has a lowside with a tumble. It will not inflate when a rider lowsides and simply slides down the track, or when the the rider is moving less than 50 km/h.

Motorcycle Airbag Suits: D-Air Street

Dainese says it hopes to bring its D-Air Street, a motorcycle airbag suit for anyone, to the US market in 2016. Dainese is partnering with motorcycle manufaturers who will build bikes that are D-Air Street sensor equipped. In addition, Dainese hopes to have an add-on system for legacy motorcycle owners who wish to use their motorcycle airbag suit.  You can contact Dainese to find out who they are partnering with to build motorcycle s that work with their motorcycle airbag suit.

This is great news for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle accidents happen even if you are a very safe driver. Getting a motorcycle airbag suit is a good step in helping protect you from major injuries and death due to a motorcycle crash.