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In 2015, the governor of California signed the Yellow Alert Bill which is to help find the evaders of hit-and-run accidents and crashes. The bill was originally written by Mike Gatto, an assemblyman of Glendale.


“It’s a very common sense bill that statistics show would greatly reduce the amount of people who get away with this very terrible crime,” Gatto said.

Brown vetoed a similar bill that passed the Assembly last year. Gatto said that he doesn’t know why Brown signed the bill this time around, “but we’re ecstatic about it.”

“This bill will make a very, very meaningful difference, I think, in the number of people who are brought to justice,” Gatto said. “And if more people are brought to justice, I think more people will do the decent thing, and that’s stop. And realize that if you flee the scene of an accident, it’s a crime; if you stop and render aid, then it’s just an accident.”

When Brown vetoed last year’s bill, he said that he was concerned about diluting the power of Amber Alerts with other messages. Gatto said that, given that highway signs are currently used to notify drivers of the state’s drought right and to urge them save water, there should  also be room for their use to notify them of hit and runs.

“Hopefully, the governor came to the same conclusion I did, which is that our network is not that burdened right now,” Gatto said.

Gatto said that the alerts would only be deployed in the area of a suspected hit-and-run, and that they wouldn’t trigger an alert to people’s cell phones.

Nearly over 40,000 car accidents in Los Angeles alone nearly half of them are classified as hit-and-run cases. In 2015 27 people were killed by hit-and-run accidents and 144 others suffered serious injuries. Of those case only a fifth of those cases were solved.

The Los Angeles bulletin system also alerts taxi-cab drivers and tells auto-body specialists to watch for vehicles coming into their shops dented or bloodied.

In addition, the city will offer standing rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit-and-run drivers: $50,000 for a fatal crash, $25,000 for a collision resulting in serious injury, $5,000 for an accident causing a lesser injury and $1,000 if there was property damage only.

Leaving the scene of a fatal crash or an accident that caused serious injury can lead to felony charges.

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