Famous Celebrities that have been in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have been around for quite some time and they are thrilling, exciting, and emotional to ride. The feeling you get when you hold on an object that is more comfortable and powerful than any bicycle or horse and can take you nearly anywhere you want is a dream come true. Several celebrities, not just men, love these amazing machines and some of them own not just one motorcycle but some have several. Just because you are a celebrity or a famous person doesn’t mean that you are safe from riding your motorcycle on the streets. You’d be surprised to see which famous people have been involved in motorcycle accidents in the past. Take a look below for a list of our top celebrities that have been in motorcycle accidents.



Ann-Margret, at the age of 59, was thrown off her motorcycle and suffered three broken ribs and fractured a left shoulder on her way from Colonel’s Brainerd International Raceway. She was back at the track the next day in a sling and rode in the pace car to lead the parade before the day’s racing began.

Duane Allman


In 1971, the guitarist for The Allman Brothers Band and Eric Clapton’s project Derek and the Dominos was in a motorcycle crash while riding his Harley-Davidson Sportster in Macon, GA. Allman, 24, reportedly slowed to let a flatbed truck carrying a huge crane boom make a left-hand turn in front of him. He then swerved toward the center of the road, apparently so he could swing around the outside of the truck; but in the middle of its turn the flatbed suddenly rumbled to a stop. Allman ran right into it. The crane’s weight ball knocked him off his Harley, which bounced up in the air and off of Allman’s chest before skidding to a stop along the curb. The guitarist was not killed instantly – in fact, news reports maintain he had no visible injuries except some bumps and scrapes – but died in surgery later that evening.

Gary Busey

gary busey

An avid motorcyclist who was extremely anti-helmet, Busey nearly succumbed to head injuries he received as a result of a violent crash in 1988 after picking up his bike from Bartels’ Harley-Davidson in Culver City, CA. Legend has it he landed at the feet of a police officer, who used Busey’s own glove to compress his head wound until medical help arrived. Busey suffered a fractured skull and doctors feared permanent brain damage. In 1989, he told People magazine that he was still opposed to helmets; by 2001, Busey had changed his tune, telling USA Today “Riding without a helmet is a gamble everyone is bound to lose.”

Peter Fonda


Captain America has had his share of motorcycle mishaps. In 1964, Fonda, wearing nothing but a bathing suit and loafers, rode his Triumph over a Tinsel Town speed bump and through a corner where a car was making a turn. The result: a torn-up back and a hipbone poking through his skin. Then, Fonda lost a half-inch of his height due to surgeries required after breaking his back and neck in a 1985 wreck. In 1993, he collided head-on with a deer – a wreck, he says, that cured him of riding after dark or without full gear. In a 2007 article promoting the biker movie Ghost Rider, Fonda gave the LA Times a list of the bikes he’s owned: a BMW R 27, multiple Triumphs, a Bultaco, a Montesa, a Ducati, two BMW R1200RSs, two Harley-Davidson Fatboys, a Road King and now rides an MV Agusta F4-1000.

Billy Idol

billy idol motorcycle

In 1990, motorcycle enthusiast Billy Idol ran a stop sign in Los Angeles and crashed into a car. His leg was mangled and nearly had to be amputated. He was bedridden for six months. This was right around the time of the release of his ironically-titled album Charmed Life, which featured the hit single “Cradle of Love.” Because of his injuries, the video for the song showed him only from the waist up – this was fine, because most MTV viewers were likely busy ogling 18-year-old video vixen Betsy Lynn George.

Bob Dylan

bob dylan

Much conjecture surrounds the nature and severity of Bob Dylan’s infamous 1966 motorcycle accident. Some say the wreck broke several vertebrae and nearly killed him; other sources claim Dylan’s injuries were minor and his lengthy recuperation was staged to give him some time off to detox from heroin and/or methamphetamine addiction. Nearly 50 years and a small library of biographies later, what really happened near Woodstock, NY on July 29, 1966 remains shrouded in mystery.

One thing all accounts, even Dylan’s own, agree on: the accident was entirely his own fault. Depending on which story you happen to be reading, Bob either skidded on a patch of oil or was blinded by the morning Catskill sun. Regardless, Dylan went down like he often played: solo.

Erik Estradaerik estrada

The star of the 70′s camp police drama, CHiPs,  Estrada was involved in a motorcycle wreck during the production of the show in 1980. That crash resulted in Estrada suffering a broken wrist, a dozen broken ribs, and two collapsed lungs. Ever willing to take advantage of any publicity, good or bad, the show’s producers wrote the crash into the show’s story-line and filming some of “Ponch’s” scenes from his hospital bed while he recuperated.

David Hasselhoff

david hasselloff

The former “Baywatch” star and floor-burger-lover lost control of his motorcycle and crashed in Los Angeles in 2003, causing minor injuries to himself and his passenger, then-wife Pamela Bach. The Hoff told investigating officers the two were riding his 2003 Harley-Davidson near a freeway overpass when a wind gust caused him to lose control of the bike. As he was trying to regain control, the motorcycle ran into a curb, throwing the couple. His wife sustained a fractured left ankle and right wrist; the actor fractured his lower back and broke several ribs, but his coif remained intact.

Ben Roethlisberger

ben accident

In 2006 the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was said to be near death following a motorcycle accident near downtown Pittsburgh in which he broke his nose and his upper and lower jaw and lost two teeth. He was riding without a helmet and didn’t have a valid license, only his learner’s permit.

Lauren Hutton


“She lost it on a corner, on a very slow bend,” said Jeremy Irons, who was riding behind her. “She got onto the gravel at the side of the road and went into a slow skid which is very hard to get out of when you’re traveling at [that] speed. She finally hit the bank and flew through the air.”

When she came down, both legs and arms were broken, and three of her ribs were crushed, puncturing a lung. She was unconscious and a bone was protruding from her leg. Nevertheless, they say she looked gorgeous.

Liam Neeson


While riding a Harley in 2000 near his New York home, Liam Neeson slammed into a deer. The accident resulted in the superstar actor cracking his pelvis, and he was found unconscious and lying by the side of the road.

Keanu Reeves


Keanu was in a motorcycle accident that was caused when a car puled out in front of him. As Keanu recalls, the man who drove him to the hospital at the time marveled to him: “I’m coming out of the liquor store, my friend, and you are in the air! And I think to myself, ‘That boy, he is dead.’ And then you jumped up! I could not believe it.”Even more unbelievably, Keanu has said he found the entire event somewhat humorous, despite the fact that it gave him quite a deep scar across his stomach.”That was fun,” he later said of the wreck. “I remember thinking, ‘I could have landed on my feet!”

In 1995 Keanu was involved in another motorcycle in Hollywood when another car pulled out in front of him and this time came out with a broken ankle that kept him in the hospital for several days. Keanu still rides motorcycles to this day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

aschwarzenegger2The massive Austrian, former Governor of California and infidel broke six of his ribs and spent several days in the hospital after a 2001 motorcycle wreck. Schwarzenegger slammed his chest into the windshield of his bike as he maneuvered to avoid a car which stopped short in front of him. Riding again, this time five years after that accident with his son Patrick in a sidecar, The Governator couldn’t avoid slamming into a car which backed out in front of him. Schwarzenegger dodged serious injury in that crash, but needed fifteen stitches in his upper lip. His son was not injured in the crash.

Steven Tyler

steven tyler

In 1981, the Aerosmith lead singer tore open his heel after his motorcycle hit a tree when he was on his way to pick up daughter Mia from her babysitter’s house. The injury took nearly a year to heal completely.

Jay Leno

jay leno motorcycle

With one of the largest car and motorcycle collections ever you definitely would wonder how many wrecks he has or does he just keep everything in the garage to admire. In 1991, Leno was was riding his motorcycle along the famous Mulholland Highway above Calabasas when his was hit by a third motorcyclists and sustained a cut and bruised left leg. The minor injuries were treated at Westlake Medical Center and was released the same day.

Motorcycle accidents are common with anyone who rides one. They are not fun and can cause serious injuries or even death like some of the celebrities above. We always suggest that you ride safely and appropriately so that your chances of surviving an accident are higher. If you or a loved one are ever in a motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law Firm today at (800)275-8326 for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, property damage, loss of income and more.