Airbus $50,000 Motorcycle

airbus motorcycle

The company called APWorks, an Airbus Group, has created what they call the lightest motorcycle ever. The motorcycle weighs just 77 pounds as compared to many other motorcycles on the road weighing more than a few hundred pounds.

The motorcycle is all electric and uses some parts from Rockshox mountain bike suspensions as well as disc brakes. The bike is considered to be a 3D printed frame but not created using plastic, instead this motorcycle is made out of aluminum alloy particles. The wires and cable are all hidden away in the frame.

The motorcycle has a top speed of 50 mph and can get up to 35 miles per charge. Airbus says that they are only going to make 50 total of the motorcycles and a $2,200 deposit is required before purchase.

The total cost of the motorcycle will likely be over $56,000 after taxes and other fees.