AB-51 Lane Splitting Bill, We are in Support

June 15, 2016

The Lane-splitting Bill AB-51 is to protect riders. The bill being passed will be to help further educate motorcyclists and motorists of the correct ways to safely lane-split. The law will not add rules or guidelines to lane splitting like it has tried before but it will be to create educational guidelines set by the California Highway Patrol.

Below is the video footage of the Bill being supported by a numerous amount of people clarifying their reasoning to have the bill.

Watch video!

The Bill is discussed around the 4 minute mark and goes for about 8 minutes discussing the bill. They discuss various reasons of those in favor of the Bill and some worry that these educational guidelines would continue to eventually put a ban on lane-splitting, that was overturned stating that it would never place a ban on the act of lane-splitting.

lane splitting

To understand more check out this article by Lanesplittingislegal.com

The Reinecke Law Firm is fully supporting the AB-51 Bill as we always want motorcyclists and motorists to be educated more on safety. We hope that this Bill will help motorcyclists be able to ride safer and have fewer accidents.

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