Top 5 Southern California Roads for Motorcycle Rides

[Molina, Genaro -- B581318615Z.1 LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA - JUNE 4, 2011 -- Motorcyclists cut a corner on the recently reopened Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest on June 4, 2011. The highway was officially reopened on Friday June 3, 2011. A seven mile stretch of the Angeles Crest Highway had been closed since January 2010 because several sections washed away during heavy rains. (Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)] *** []

Ever get tired of riding around the city streets or over populated freeways where you are stopping and going a lot because of traffic, stop signs, and stop lights? In sunny California, we sure do. There are, however, a few good fun places to ride where all you need to do is lean and pull the throttle. We will go over some of the fun roads we have around in Southern California where you can enjoy the winding and twisting roads and not have to stop. Continue reading “Top 5 Southern California Roads for Motorcycle Rides”