Motorcycling Under the Influence?

When it comes to numbers in fatal crashes and accidents on motorcycles and automobiles that alcohol or other drugs has a good chance of being involved in one of the parties. Nearly 40% of all vehicle fatalities is due to drugs or alcohol. Of all these accidents nearly all of them could have been avoided had they not been under-the-influence.

motorcycle police

When someone is found guilty of being under-the-influence while driving or riding a motorcycle in California, their license is suspended for at least 6 months for the first offense. Many motorcyclists believe that they can justify that a motorcycle can not do as much damage as a car and that it shouldn’t or can’t be the same violation as a motorist. This is completely false. A motorcyclist would face the same punishment a motorist would had he been driving under-the-influence.

In Los Angeles County the court would also add an Ignition Interlock Devices or IID in their vehicle for at least 5 months after the suspension. These devices are installed for around $100-$150 and can cost $2.50 each day for operation.  However, these devices are not designed to work on motorcycles, which can be a problem if your motorcycle is your only source of transportation.

Riding a scooter or a moped while impaired, you can still be charged with a criminal misdemeanor even though the device is not considered a “motor vehicle”.

If you have to drink, do it responsively and hang up the keys. Call a friend or a taxi to get you home safely or else it could end up being your last night out. Never drive or steer a motor vehicle if you are impaired from alcohol or drugs in your system.

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