May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!

May is the month for motorcycle awareness. Motorcycle Awareness shouldn’t be confined to a single month but should be observed every single day of the year. However, May is the month when more riders come back to riding on the roads because it is the time when the weather is normally optimal for cruising.

Drivers and motorists everywhere should be aware of motorcyclists around them. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable when traveling on the roads because of them not being encaged in a vehicle but practically exposed to what ever is coming their way. Motorcycle Awareness month is to remember to “share the road” with motorcycles and to help keep them safe.

“Surviving the ride must be foremost in the mind of every motorcyclist. This means taking a motorcycle safety course, wearing the proper gear, using a Department of Transportation compliant helmet and staying alert,” CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow said. “Every vehicle has its place on the road, but motorcyclists face additional dangers because motorcycles require exceptional handling ability and are more difficult to see.”

group ride

The Los Angeles Police Department is taking the opportunity this year to encourage drivers and motorists to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads. About one-sixth of all vehicle accidents fatalities are motorcyclists. Below is a list of cities with counts of motorcyclists deaths in four southern California counties in 2013.

  • In Los Angeles County, 102 motorcyclists died in crashes.
  • In San Diego County, 43 motorcyclists lost their lives in crashes.
  • In Riverside County, another 38 bikers died in accidents.
  • San Bernardino and Orange Counties lost 32 and 31 motorcyclists in wrecks, respectively.

Of all these motorcycle deaths 95% were wearing a helmet at the time, so it is sad to see that helmets do not always save lives, but it does give you a greater chance of you surviving a crash than to not wear one.

The age in a rider also seems to play a factor in motorcycle deaths. The age range of the highest amount of deaths are motorcyclists in their 20’s and the second most is in the 50’s. The lowest amount of motorcycle deaths were riders above the age of 60 years old.


  • Wear the proper safety gear at all times, including a DOT-compliant helmet
  • Obey the speed limit – excess speed is the most common rider-related factor in motorcycle related crashes
  • Don’t drink and ride – DUI is a leading cause of motorcycle crashes
  • Ride within your own limits – don’t be a victim of peer pressure
  • Ride defensively – assume other drivers don’t see you

In addition to ensuring motorcyclists drive safely and responsibly, they should know their legal rights. If you are a motorcyclist that is involved in a motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law firm at (800)275-8326 for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or damaged property.

How to decide what kind of Motorcycle to buy

There are thousands of makes and models of motorcycles to buy on the market today and depending on the type of riding style you are into there are numerous things that go along with it to fit in with the motorcycle crowd. In this post we are going to talk about some of the different kinds of motorcycles there are and ways you can determine what kind of motorcycle you should look for to purchase. When picking out a motorcycle you need to consider aspects such as: how far will I be riding the motorcycle? how often will I be riding it? am I going to be riding it alone? how much power can I handle? and many other questions. Our recommendation when starting to ride motorcycles is to look for a used motorcycle as they are cheaper and not a big worry if and when you take a fall. Lets start out with some basic beginner motorcycles.

Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are motorcycles that are in the small and medium size engine, between 150cc and 700cc. These motorcycles are great for beginning as they have enough power to get you going but not too much to be jumpy. Their acceleration is smooth and typically have great gas mileage. These bike are normally made to keep the rider upright and not bent over.


Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruisers are typically good for relaxing and riding comfortably. Cruisers make the rider sit in a relaxed position and upright with feet faced forward. They are heavy and do not turn as well as other motorcycles because they tend to sit low to the ground. Harley Davidson’s fall into the cruiser category and are often typically seen with a v-twin engine. Chopper’s as well fit into the cruiser category as they are cruisers that have been in a chop shop and modified to a cut-down version.

CVO Harley

Touring Motorcycles

There are regular touring motorcycles and sport touring motorcycles. The difference between the two is the weight and power of the motorcycle. Touring often means going great distances or covering long- distances. They are very comfortable and have lots of fends and a big windshield to help fight the whether and the wind. They tend to be heavier than regular bikes and have larger engines to handle the higher speeds.


Sport Bikes

These bikes dominate for speed and cornering. They are heavy in power and light on weight. They can accelerate in the blink of an eye and are recommended for racing on the track. These motorcycles put you in the position of leaning over the gas tank as to make the rider feel comfortable at high speeds above 100 mph. Brakes are strong and big to help the bike slow down and can cause a good amount of force to be pushed on the handlebars. Not a good bike for having a passenger.


Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dual Sport motorcycles are neither great for on the roads and off the roads but they do good to allow you to ride almost wherever you like. These motorcycles are for riding in areas where there are dirt roads and paved roads. They tend to be a little bit heavier than dirt bikes and a little lighter than a road bike. They are mostly made with a dirt bike chassis but have added lights and other features to allow them be on highways. They tend to not do as well as most dirt bikes do but they still can be fun on and off road.

dual sport

Scooters & Mopeds

Scooters and Mopeds are smaller than motorcycles and typically have an automatic transmission making them easier to learn how to ride. Their engine sizes are typically small ranging from 50cc to 150cc and have smaller wheels than motorcycles. Mopeds are closely related to bicycles but with a motor and are typically the cheapest to own and have less laws governing them.


Off-Road Motorcycles

Often referred to as dirt bikes, these motorcycles are made to be ridden off-road. They are constructed to be light weight and power happy. They have a lot of clearance in suspension and are able to take a beating when crashed. Dirt bikes are made to go fast, grip the dirt, and jump in the air, sometimes a hundred feet in distance. They are ridden standing upright and slightly forward to clear bumps, jumps and rocks that are in it’s path. Most are not street legal and have to be transported to where you can ride them.

dirt bike

When looking for the right kind of motorcycle to purchase you need to know what kind of riding you will typically be riding. If you are riding in the cities in congested areas a standard motorcycle will fit you needs quite well, if you are going to be riding across the desert but still need to get on the highway choose the dual-sport, and if you are going to be riding up and down the coast line for a couple of hours get yourself a cruiser. Riding the right kind of motorcycle will help you out wherever you decide to ride and you will be the most comfortable.

Always remember that The Reinecke Law Firm is here to help you recover if you are ever injured in a motorcycle accident while highway riding. Call The Reinecke Law Firm as soon as possible for a free case evaluation, you may be compensated for your injuries and property damage.