Motorcycle Crashes – The Reinecke Law Firm

Motorcycle Crashes are very common among new riders and even the most experienced riders. Some crashes can be small and others fatal but no matter the outcome most of them could have been avoided one way or another. Those who ride hard go down hard and those who don’t are still targets for an upcoming crash in the future. Safety is our biggest concern at The Reinecke Law Firm. Below is compilation of motorcycle accidents that could have been avoided.

Main highways are not meant to be a racing speedway and a lot of people end up losing their bikes and more to these dangerous rides. It is important to obey the speed limits and watch out for people trying to pass. If you want to do hot-dogging tricks and race around tight corners, head out to the race track where you don’t have to worry about bad pavement, other vehicles, and disobeying road laws. The benefits of riding on the track are no speed limits, no gravel or debris in the road, no tickets, no drivers on their phones, and it is the best place to learn better technique.

Some Southern California Motorcycle Tracks are:

Buttonwillow Raceway – Buttonwillow, CA

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway – Desert Center, CA

Adams Motorsports Park –  Riverside, CA

Mazda’s Laguna Seca Speedway – Monterey, CA

Although not all of these allow open track days there are still programs and classes that you can attend or join that will have opportunities to ride these tracks. These tracks and courses are great for beginners to even the professionals. They help you become a better and faster rider. You’ll experience many things that you probably never would try on the road.

If you do not ever plan to attend a raceway to get better practice my next suggestion would be to find a large private parking lot and practice skills riding and racing around cones.

But if you stick with the streets and are involved in a motorcycle crash or accident call The Reinecke Law Firm now at (800)275-8326 for a free case evaluation. Remember to ride safely and enjoy being on two wheels.