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With the rise of technologies in batteries and electric motors there have been significant improvements in combining them in motorcycles. Brammo was one of the first companies to come out with a good powerful electric motorcycle with a decent endurance of range for a battery but the fall was the price of the motorcycle. Brammo has since been bought by Polaris. A lot of people are hoping that with the development of electric motorcycles they will come down in costs and the range of the battery would be more than 50 miles and quite possibly the amount of power would be improved. They are on the rise and only time will tell where they will go.

Is it worth the cost of changing from a full gas motorcycle to an electric? As of right now it is not unless you are only riding your motorcycle less than 5-10 miles an hour and plan on traveling at a rate of less than 50 mph or if you have $25,000 pocket change to drop on the new Victory Impulse TT that Brammo (Polaris) has created. If that is what you plan to do you might as well look into buying an electric mountain bike that you could take on and off the road as well as ride on sidewalks.


Pros and Cons of Electric and Gas Powered Motorcycles


Pros of Electric Motorcycles

  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Electricity is cheaper
  • No Emissions
  • Quiet (this can be a pro and a con)
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Direct Power
  • No Gears
  • No Clutch

Cons of an Electric Motorcycle

  • Heavy
  • Battery Charging Time
  • Distance Range
  • Quiet (others won’t hear you coming)
  • Not very powerful
  • Expensive
  • Not many dealerships know how to service



Pros of Gas Powered Motorcycle

  • Light weight
  • Fast
  • Range is dependent on gas availability (forever)
  • Loud (People can see hear you coming)
  • Upgrades are easier
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Bigger selection and sizes

Cons of Gas Powered Motorcycle

  • Loud (neighbors will not like it)
  • Maintenance Costs are relatively high
  • Can be messy
  • Shifting gears
  • Smell bad
  • Have to warm them up
  • Harder to learn


It is all about your preference and how much you want to spend in the end. An electric motorcycle might be good if you plan to have it more than ten to fifteen years but you will be stuck with having to change a battery out by then or even a couple times which pretty much cost half of the bike you bought it for. A gas-powered motorcycle, if maintenance is kept, will last for more than 15 years but you will lose some power due to wear and tear.

Not mention that insuring an electric motorcycle will cost you more because of the bike costing more than a gas powered motorcycle. It might be best to see what’s down the road a little further before we start having a more precise debate on whether an electric motorcycle would be preferred over a gas motorcycle.

Companies that make electric powered motorcycles-

Victory Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles

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