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motorcycle injuries

It’s not the matter of ‘if’ you will ever crash on your motorcycle but the ‘when’ you are going to crash. Motorcycles are never the safe way to travel but they sure are a fun way to travel and that is why so many riders risk, day after day, riding thru traffic and getting ahead of the game. It is always important to be safe and wear proper protection when you are riding on the roads with motorists that have an animal like behavior. We don’t hate motorists but we do despise a lot of their driving behaviors, especially when they are not obeying the laws of the roads. Crashes do happen and the injuries that come from them can be felt instant to many years later. Be sure that if you are ever in a motorcycle crash go to the doctors and receive medical help.

Top injuries that are involved in motorcycle crashes range from little bruises to full broken bones and more. Below we will talk about the most common injuries that come from a motorcycle crash.

1. Head Injuries

Your head is the most important part of your body that you need to protect. Your brain is also one of your most important organs that you need to take care of. If you suffer a concussion you could potentially have brain damage or even something potentially worse, fatality. Your neck is also very vital and important because it supports your heavy head from falling over. Neck injuries could cause you to be paralyzed or even killed. Helmets and neck guards are ways to help save you from being seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. Always be sure to ride with them.

2. Road Rash

Many reasons that road rash is a common injury is do to the fact of riders not wearing protective clothing such as a leather suit or pads. Road rash occurs when the body is dragged or slides on the roads causing terrible burns from the pavement. Most of the time a rider loses control of their motorcycle they will end up with road rash on their legs, hands, arms, back and even their stomachs. Leather and pads are the best way to prevent road rashes from happening.

3. Leg Injuries

Your legs and feet take a toll when it comes to motorcycle crashes. A lot of times in crashes legs and feet are crushed to broken and most wont be fatal but if you ignore signs too long you may never be riding again. It is wise to wear boots and guards while riding to prevent less damage that might occur when you have a crash.

4. Biker’s Arm

This is not a common injury non-motorcyclists hear too often. Biker’s arm happens when during a crash the rider uses all his arms to take the impact, including landing after the crash. Permanent nerve damage can come from a small impact. Many biker jackets are fit to prevent this from happening but are not guaranteed to resist it.

5. Muscle Damage

Muscle damage is common when involved in a motorcycle crash. To prevent muscle damage you must ride with proper protection as mentioned above and when involved in an accident go to the hospital to be checked for any muscle damage. If you wait too long you may become paralyzed in those areas and will have a hard time getting around. Another important muscle that you must take care of is your ear drums. Protect them from the increased amount of sound when riding your motorcycle. Wear proper ear plugs that allow you to hear the environment around you.

Remember that if you are ever in a motorcycle crash be sure to go to the hospital first for your injuries. ThenĀ call The Reinecke Law Firm to have an evaluation of your motorcycle crash atĀ 1(800)275-8326.