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building motorcycle

Have you ever wondered how motorcycles are built or made? Motorcycles can be both simple and complex in design but many are made the same way that cars are created, in large industrial factories. Many motorcycles are first designed in clay and then in the computer where files can be put into machines to build different parts of the motorcycle. Once the parts are manufactured they can then be put together using bolts and hardware.

Below is a video of the Honda Goldwing¬†motorcycle building process as uncovered by the “How it’s Made” TV program from the Discovery channel.

This whole process starts with the creation of the aluminum frame, to the assembly of the motor, then to the body and controls of the bike. It is quite amazing how much work goes into assembling just one bike at a time. Take a look below for how a v-twin motorcycle engine is made.

There is a lot more to motorcycles than most people think but I am sure there are many people looking to simplify motorcycles as much as possible. The most simple the motorcycle the less work there is need to be done to it. Choppers are a great examples of being simple motorcycles but are still in need of a lot of work because of their customization. There are many classifications of motorcycles because of their different uses but most of them can relate to being built using the same steps as shown above. Motorcycles range from dirt bike, street cruisers, choppers and bobbers, sport bikes, leisure bikes, cafe racers, enduro, trials and dual sport.


We recommend that you always know the risks in building and modifying a motorcycle. If not done properly you may risk the chance of breaking the motorcycle, voiding the warranty, and even cause a serious accident. We recommend you take your motorcycle to a dealership or a chopper shop to assist you in your motorcycle endeavors.

Remember to always ride full clothed and with proper safety equipment as well as a valid motorcycle license.

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