Motorcycle Accidents In Southern California this Week

In large cities like Los Angeles in Southern California there is a higher risk of being in a motorcycle accident than there would be in a more rural place like the desert. Unfortunately there have been many accidents in this last week in April than there has been the previous couple of weeks and several of them being fatal. The Reinecke law Firm sends their deepest condolences to all the friends and families that have been in these motorcycle accidents in Southern California and we hope that those that are still with us may make full recoveries quickly. Our sources of these accidents are from the Facebook page Bike Down Alerts. We appreciate their willingness of being responsive and attentive with the reported motorcycle accidents in Southern California.

Monday April 25th, 2016

COMPTON (CBSLA) — A 26-year-old motorcyclist was fatally struck by a vehicle Tuesday while traveling along the 710 Freeway in Compton.

According to California Highway Patrol officers, the crash took place shortly after 12:30 a.m. on the 710 Freeway at Rosecrans Avenue.

Upon their arrival, authorities located a motorcycle and three vehicles parked on the shoulder of the freeway. Body parts were scattered across the lanes of the roadway.

A preliminary investigation revealed two vehicles struck the motorcycle.The third car struck the male driver, subsequently tossing him about 100 yards form the motorcycle.

Police believe additional vehicles struck the victim, but they did not stop to render aid.

CBS2’s Jennifer Kim reported all northbound lanes of the freeway at Alondra Boulevard were closed until around 6:00 a.m. No suspects are being sought at this time.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office is working to determine the identity of the motorcyclist. Condolences to the friends and family of the rider, may he ride in paradise. Such a sad/tragic story and so young 😢 ~Steve

Source: CBS Local Los Angeles

Tuesday April 26th 2016

crash april 26Biker Down in Fullerton at the intersection of Euclid and Valencia. Around 4:30am, motorcyclist was traveling southbound on Euclid. Biker was alive when paramedics loaded him in the ambulance but he was in pretty bad shape, according to witnesses. The motorcycle appeared to be a GSXR 750.
No other information available at this time.
Prayers to those involved.

April 27th 2016

A motorcyclist died after he collided with a vehicle making a left turn Wednesday afternoon in Chino.

A 19 year old, of Ontario, died after he was flown to a hospital, according to a Chino Police Department statement.

Just after 3:30 p.m., police were called to the 5900 block of Riverside Drive for a crash involving a motorcycle and a Nissan Altima, police said.

A preliminary investigation shows the Nissan was making a left turn from westbound Riverside Drive into the driveway of an apartment complex, according to the statement.
The rider, was riding his motorcycle east on Riverside Drive and collided with the passenger side of the Nissan.

“Paramedics flew the 19-year-old to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. He died during surgery, according to authorities. The cause of the collision is under investigation.
Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to email or call 909-334-3153.”

Prayers are sent to the Riders family, and friends.


Article Source: Daily Bulletin

April 28th 2016

Accident 1

Thursday morning 4/28/16 at approx 12:15 am

LOCATION: on ramp of SR-14 between Soledad Canyon Rd exit and SB Sand Canyon Rd exit. Rider succumbed to his injuries; name is being withheld pending next of kin notifications.

Rider was on a 1999 Harley Davidson, and was hit in the #3 lane by a rig.

Prayers for the fallen rider and his family. Further info can be found at

~ Bandit

Accident 2

LOCATION: I-15N and I-8

Approx 7:43 pm, biker down in slow lane. Possible vehicle involved was black.

Accident with major injuries designated by CHP

No further info re rider, bike, or description of injuries.

Prayers for the fallen rider.

~ Bandit

Accident 3

LOCATION: PCH near Topanga Canyon Blvd

Motorcycle is a black BMW with some white on the tank. Boxer engine. May be an RT1200 or R1200 GS. Bike has engine guard bars and luggage mounting hardware on the back. Also has street tires.

Approx. 8:26 pm on Thursday night, CHP responded to a traffic collision on PCH near Topanga Canyon Blvd. Two vehicles collided, hitting a parked car and a motorcycle. The motorcyclist was reported deceased on scene by LaCoFD.

Prayers for the fallen rider and those involved.

~ Bandit

April 29th 2016

Accident 1

LOCATION: 101N/ South Conejo Scales in Moorpark

Approx. 6:25 am this morning, CHP responded to 2 motorcycles after a traffic collision. One bike is a Yamaha RS, the other is a black Triumph. No info on injuries. Prayers for the riders.

~ Bandit

All these accidents that happened could have been avoided one way or another, whether it was the fault of the motorcyclist or not. If you are out riding or driving please watch out for motorcyclists and be safe. We constantly urge those that ride to make good decisions and ride safely wherever you go. If any of you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at 1(800)275-8326.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for your Motorcycle Accident

After you have been in a motorcycle accident and feel that you need to higher a lawyer to help you get the most out of your case settlement and that starts with selecting the right lawyer to begin with. We have come up with six key tips to help you select the right lawyer for you case and they are as follows:

1. Experience-

There are several thousands of law firms and lawyers all around you willing to help you out. Lawyers come in all shapes, sizes, and experience. Some work to handle any type of case they get their hands on while others only work with a specific type of area. Some are willing to travel across the nation and others will only work within a specific county. An experienced lawyer will have the knowledge to know how to handle your accident case. Lawyers that have been around a longer may cost more but they will know how to get everything they can for you and help you to a full recovery. They will most likely know and have already seen the type of accident your case is and can help you through the steps of recovery.

2. Focus-

Some lawyers will practice in a field of one area or another. Others may try to practice in any and all cases they receive. Motorcycle injury lawyers are classified as Personal Injury Lawyers, who also can work with numerous types of cases including Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, dangerous foods, drugs, and consumer products. A true motorcycle lawyer that you should want to hire is one who deals with only motorcycle injury cases, as they will have the knowledge on how to get you the most out of your settlement because that is the only thing that they deal with.

3. Reputation-

Finding a reputable lawyer will help you feel confident and stressed free as you know you will be in good hands. A lawyer with a good reputation will put you in the best situation to recovering everything that you deserve as well as resolving your case quickly and fairly. A great reputation of a lawyer will show their successes in previous dealings with the court systems and insurance companies.

Lawyers that have a good reputation will know how to handle your accident case in all the right ways and will use the correct procedures to ensure that your case is properly taken care of in the right amount of time.

(warning*)There are many law firms that can look reputable because of a website or review service and there are several “claimed” law firms that are referral services, watch out for them as you may not know who you are going to get to help you in your case. There is a chance that your case could end up in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer where you may not get the full settlement you deserve.

4. Objectivity-

Objectivity is something that can not be understated for your cases compensation. A good lawyer will take the time to handle your case and will not try to settle your case too quickly as it could mean that the settlement was not fair for you. A good lawyer will take the time to seek every angle of your case to maximize your chances of getting the most out of your settlement.

5. Personality-

When selecting the right motorcycle lawyer it is a good idea to find one that will be available to you to ask questions about your case, know the status of your case, and return your calls in a timely manner. A lawyer with good personality will have good ethics and will provide you assurance that he is on your side.

6. Activity-

How busy and active is your motorcycle lawyer? Is your motorcycle lawyer always busy? A busy lawyer can mean that they have a lot business which is good for reputation. Are they a family oriented person? It could mean that they have good morals and ethics in society. Do they pursue to be active in charities and events? It could mean that they want to help in the society and the community instead of being materialistic or famous. They seek to do good with what they have available to them. An active and busy lawyer will give you assurance that your lawyer is not wasting yours and his time.

Tom Reinecke – California Motorcycle Lawyer
Tom Reinecke – California Motorcycle Lawyer

If you haven’t found the right lawyer for your motorcycle injury case you need to contact The Reinecke Law Firm today. The Reinecke Law Firm is the best motorcycle law firm in Southern California with over a 98.7% success rate. Our attorney Tom Reinecke is a motorcycle lawyer who deals specifically with motorcycle injury cases and has over 28 years of experience in the field. Speak with him directly at (800)275-8326 for a free case evaluation.

Lane-Sharing is Legal: Pros and Cons

Lane sharing or splitting is legal in the state of California and should be legal in every state. As much as you think that we are saying this just for the good business for motorcycle lawyers, there is great safety in lane splitting when done correctly and without other motorists attempting to get in the way. For the majority of the motorcyclists lane-splitting, it can be done safely and without any problems. Unfortunately only a few motorcyclists have to make it seem like they own the roads and give the bad rep to the rest of the motorcycle community. Most motorcyclists just want to enjoy their time and freedom of being on their iron horse. The problem is that it only takes a few motorcyclists and bad decisions to make people hate all people on motorcycles.

California is the only state that has no laws that prohibit lane-sharing and several motorcyclists in other states have been trying to be the same. There used to be a 10 mph limit to land splitting that has since been removed allowing riders to ride at any speed while lane splitting. This can be good and bad.

Pros of Lane-splitting:

  • Quickly and Efficiently avoid waiting in traffic
  • Cools down air-cooled motorcycles from overheating
  • Prevents rear-end collisions from happening
  • Cools the rider down from riding with heavy clothing
  • Saves fuel and Time

Cons of Lane-Splitting:

  • Dangerous at high speeds
  • Broken Mirrors and Scratches on cars
  • Lane Changing Vehicles
  • Opened Doors
  • Angered or Startled Motorists
  • Riding in blind spots
  • Motorcyclist to be liable majority in an accident

Whether you are a motorist or a motorcyclist you have to watch out for each other and make good decisions, not illegal moves such as crossing in and out of the carpool lane when the lane is closed. Motorcyclists are practically exposed with no cage or coverage around them to protect them from harm like a vehicle. A motorcyclist hitting another car or vice versa can have significant damage to motorcyclist and cause them to be ejected in the air. A motorist that disobeys the law will be found at fault nearly every time.Motorcycle-02

Motorists that are angry or jealous of motorcycles are considered highly dangerous to as they can swerve to hit a motorcyclist and cause an accident. It is illegal to get in the way of a motorcyclist even if you were startled or angered as they ride by you.

Lane splitting can still be cited even though there are no given limitations specified in the law about what is legal or not. A police officer may cite you if you are lane splitting or straddling the line in an unsafe manner. It is possible for you to receive a citation because of a biased police officer.

In a poll given to motorists, there were many who claimed that they did not know that it was legal to lane-split or lane-share and thought it was a unacceptable action. That is quite alarming considering how many motorists that are on the highways today.

Some good general guidelines for safe lane-splitting are found on The California Motorcyclist Safety Program pdf here. Although they are not laws but some guidelines you’d be a lot safer by abiding by them than without them.

If you or a loved one have been in a recent motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law Firm for a free case evaluation at (800)275-8326. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

The Hurt Report

Professor Hurt, along with a team of investigators  examined motorcycle accidents for two straight years in 1976 and 1977. Their examinations of 900 motorcycle accidents and 3,600 police reports over the two years had some incredible results with how over the majority of the accidents that occurred two-thirds of them were caused by car drivers failing to see the approaching motorcycle and violating the rider’s right-of-way. These investigations also showed that helmets significantly reduced the risk of brain injury or death.motorcycleawareness

After the investigations of the 900 motorcycle accidents they were able to conclude a list of 55 points that relate to accident and injury causation of motorcycle accidents. They are listed here below:

Hurt Report 55 Points

  1. Approximately three-fourths of these motorcycle accidents involved collision with another vehicle, which was most usually a passenger automobile.
  2. Approximately one-fourth of these motorcycle accidents were single vehicle accidents involving the motorcycle colliding with the roadway or some fixed object in the environment.
  3. Vehicle failure accounted for less than 3% of these motorcycle accidents, and most of those were single vehicle accidents where control was lost due to a puncture flat.
  4. In the single vehicle accidents, motorcycle rider error was present as the accident precipitating factor in about two-thirds of the cases, with the typical error being a slide-out and fall due to overbraking or running wide on a curve due to excess speed or under-cornering.
  5. Roadway defects (pavement ridges, potholes, etc.) were the accident cause in 2% of the accidents; animal involvement was 1% of the accidents.
  6. In the multiple vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcycle right-of-way and caused the accident in two-thirds of those accidents.
  7. The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominating cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of the other vehicle involved in collision with the motorcycle did not see the motorcycle before the collision, or did not see the motorcycle until too late to avoid the collision.
  8. Deliberate hostile action by a motorist against a motorcycle rider is a rare accident cause.
  9. The most frequent accident configuration is the motorcycle proceeding straight then the automobile makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle.
  10. Intersections are the most likely place for the motorcycle accident, with the other vehicle violating the motorcycle right-of-way, and often violating traffic controls.
  11. Weather is not a factor in 98% of motorcycle accidents.
  12. Most motorcycle accidents involve a short trip associated with shopping, errands, friends, entertainment or recreation, and the accident is likely to happen in very short time close to the trip origin.
  13. The view of the motorcycle or the other vehicle involved in the accident is limited by glare or obstructed by other vehicles in almost half of the multiple vehicle accidents.
  14. Conspicuity of the motorcycle is a critical factor in the multiple vehicle accidents, and accident involvement is significantly reduced by the use of motorcycle headlamps-on In daylight and the wearing of high visibility yellow, orange or bright red jackets.
  15. Fuel system leaks and spills are present in 62% of the motorcycle accidents in the post-crash phase. This represents an undue hazard for fire.
  16. The median pre-crash speed was 29.8 mph, and the median crash speed was 21.5 mph, and the one-in-a-thousand crash speed is approximately 86 mph-
  17. The typical motorcycle pre-crash lines-of-sight to the traffic hazard portray no contribution of the limits of peripheral vision; more than three fourths of all accident hazards are within 45° of either side of straight ahead.
  18. Conspicuity of the motorcycle is most critical for the frontal surfaces of the motorcycle and rider.
  19. Vehicle defects related to accident causation are rare and likely to be due to deficient or defective maintenance.
  20. Motorcycle riders between the ages of 16 and 24 are significantly Overrepresented in accidents; motorcycle riders between the ages of 30 and 50 are significantly underrepresented.
  21. Although the majority of the accident-involved motorcycle riders are male (96X), the female motorcycle riders are significantly overrepresented in the accident data.
  22. Craftsmen, laborers and students comprise most of the accident-involved motorcycle riders but the professionals, sales workers and craftsmen are underrepresented and the laborers, students and unemployed are overrepresented in the accidents.
  23. Motorcycle riders with previous recent traffic citations and accidents are overrepresented in the accident data.
  24. The motorcycle riders involved in accidents are essentially without training; 92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends. Motorcycle rider training experience reduces accident involvement and is related to reduced injuries in the event of accidents.
  25. More than half of the accident-involved motorcycle riders had less than 5 months experience on the accident motorcycle, although the total street riding experience was almost 3 years. Motorcycle riders with dirt bike experience are significantly underrepresented in the accident data.
  26. Lack of attention to the driving task is a common factor for the motorcyclist in an accident.
  27. Almost half of the fatal accidents show alcohol involvement.
  28. Motorcycle riders in these accidents showed significant collision avoidance problems. Most riders would overbrake and skid the rear wheel, and underbrake the front wheel greatly reducing collision avoidance deceleration. The ability to countersteer and swerve was essentially absent.
  29. The typical motorcycle accident allows the motorcyclist just less than 2 seconds to complete all collision avoidance action.
  30. Passenger carrying motorcycles are not overrepresented in the accident data.
  31. The drivers of the other vehicle involved in collision with the motorcycle are not distinguished from other accident populations except that the ages of 20 to 29, and beyond 65 are overrepresented. Also, these drivers are generally unfamiliar with motorcycles.
  32. The large displacement motorcycles are underrepresented in accidents but they are associated with higher injury severity when involved in accidents.
  33. Any effect of motorcycle color on accident involvement is not determinable from these data, but is expected to be insignificant because the frontal surfaces are most often presented to the other vehicle involved in the collision.
  34. Motorcycles equipped with fairings and windshields are underrepresented in accidents, most likely because of the contribution to conspicuity and the association with more experienced and trained riders.
  35. Motorcycle riders in these accidents were significantly without motorcycle license, without any license, or with license revoked.
  36. Motorcycle modifications such as those associated with the Semi-Chopper or Cafe Racer are definitely overrepresented in accidents.
  37. The likelihood of injury is extremely high in these motorcycle accidents; 98% of the multiple vehicle collisions and 96% of the single vehicle accidents resulted in some kind of injury to the motorcycle rider; 45% resulted in more than a minor injury.
  38. Half of the injuries to the somatic regions were to the ankle-foot, lower leg, knee, and thigh-upper leg.
  39. Crash bars are not an effective injury countermeasure; the reduction of injury to the ankle-foot is balanced by increase of injury to the thigh-upper leg, knee, and lower leg.
  40. The use of heavy boots, jacket, gloves, etc., is effective in preventing or reducing abrasions and lacerations, which are frequent but rarely severe injuries.
  41. Groin injuries were sustained by the motorcyclist in at least 13% of the accidents, and typified by multiple vehicle collision in frontal impact at higher than average speed,
  42. Injury severity increases with speed, alcohol involvement and motorcycle size.
  43. Seventy-three percent of the accident-involved motorcycle riders used no eye protection, and it is likely that the wind on the unprotected eyes contributed an impairment of vision which delayed hazard detection.
  44. Approximately 50% of the motorcycle riders in traffic were using safety helmets but only 40% of the accident-involved motorcycle riders were wearing helmets at the time of the accident.
  45. Voluntary safety helmet use by those accident-involved motorcycle riders was lowest for untrained, uneducated. young motorcycle riders on hot days and short trips.
  46. The most deadly Injuries to the accident victims were injuries to the chest and head.
  47. The use of the safety helmet is the single critical factor in the prevention or reduction of head injury; the safety helmet which complies with FMVSS 218 is a significantly effective injury countermeasure.
  48. Safety helmet use caused no attenuation of critical traffic sounds, no limitation of pre-crash visual field, and no fatigue or loss of attention; no element of accident causation was related to helmet use,
  49. FMVSS 218 provides a high level of protection in traffic accidents, and needs modification only to increase coverage at the back of the head and demonstrate impact protection of the front of full facial coverage helmets, and insure all adult sizes for traffic use are covered by the standard.
  50. Helmeted riders and passengers showed significantly lower head and neck injury for all types of injury, at all levels of injury severity.
  51. The increased coverage of the full facial coverage helmet increases protection, and significantly reduces face injuries.
  52. There is no liability for neck injury by wearing a safety helmet; helmeted riders had fewer neck injuries than unhelmeted riders. Only four minor injuries were attributable to helmet use, and in each case the helmet prevented possible critical or fatal head injury,
  53. Sixty percent of the motorcyclists were not wearing safety helmets at the time of the accident. Of this group, 26% said they did not wear helmets because they were uncomfortable and inconvenient, and 53% simply had no expectation of accident involvement.
  54. Valid motorcycle exposure data can be obtained only from collection at the traffic site, Motor vehicle or driver license data presents information which is completely unrelated to actual use,
  55. Less than 10% of the motorcycle riders involved in these accidents had insurance of any kind to provide medical care or replace property.

Source: Wikipedia

Although these reports were made less than 40 years ago they still give a great number of the causes of motorcycle accidents that are still present today. We are fortunate to have this study showing many things that can help us prevent being in a motorcycle accident and killed. I am sure that motorcycle helmet laws were enforced after this study to lessen the damage of a brain injury.

If you or a loved one has been in a recent motorcycle accident be sure to call 1(800)275-8326 for a free case evaluation. The Reinecke Law Firm has helped thousands of motorcyclists recover from their accidents in all of California. Call today to see how we can help you get back together.


Our Charity of the Month: Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitative Center

Tom Reinecke and supports the Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitative Center Foundation, whose goal is to raise funds for injured individuals, including fellow motorcyclists, whose lives have been forever changed by Spinal Cord and Traumatice Brain Injuries. Their Goal is the “Restoration of Health, Rebuilding of Lives, and the Revitalization of Hope.”

Located in Downey, California, the Rancho Los amigos National Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to Southern California Individuals with catastrophic injuries. Rancho Los Amigos is one of the finest rehabilitation hospitals in the world and for the past 20 years has been named by U.S. New & World Report as “One of Americas Best Hospitals”.

Tom Reinecke first started supporting Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Hospital in 2002, after one of his clients sustained a life changing spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident. Since then, Tom has been to Rancho on numerous occasions to visit other clients and he has learned first hand that “Rancho’s doctors, therapist and nurses provided the highest quality of care and rehabilitative services for his clients.”

The Reinecke Law Firm is proud to support Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitative Cent. If you would like to donate to help injured motorcyclists, please visit

Orange County Choppers Paul Senior Hoax

It was reported in an article by the “Gasoline Society” on the Iron Demons website on April 18th, 2016  that Paul Sr. of the famous motorcycle show Orange County Choppers was involved in a motorcycle accident that costed him his life. The report was made in Louisiana:

Louisiana State Police say 68-year-old Paul Teutul was killed, April 18, 2016, when his motorcycle was struck by an SUV in Greta. The crash involved five vehicles. A second motorcyclist, Mark Duffy, was also injured and was in critical condition Monday.

A 68-year-old Paul Teutul was killed today (April 18) when a driver ignored a red light and caused a five-vehicle crash in Gretna, Louisiana State Police said. A second motorcyclist involved in the crash was in critical condition.

The second motorcyclist, Mark Duffy, 56, of Gretna, was also ejected when his 2006 Harley Davidson struck Liccardi’s QX80 on the driver’s side rear door during the crash. Duffy was being treated at University Medical Center, police said. Harmon was also taken there but pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

The accident is real but the name of the rider who was killed was replaced with Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers. Iron Demons has since removed the article from their site but others still believed that Paul Sr. really had died even days after the hoax article was removed.

Orange County Choppers responded to the hoax by stating on Facebook the following:


The hoax article set was startling for many and Paul Sr. even personally responded to many people’s Facebook status’s saying that he is still alive and well.

Facebook Paul Sr.

We are glad that Paul Sr. is still alive and well. We enjoy watching his Orange County Chopper show even when we are located in Orange County California. His show is inspiring and fun to watch. We look forward to watching more specials on his chopper builds and to seeing him at motorcycle shows across the nation.

Even though this was a Hoax we still encourage all motorcyclists to ride safe and smart. We also want  you to remember that if you are ever in a motorcycle accident call The Reinecke Law Firm now to get a free case evaluation. We Ride, We Fight, and We Win. Call now at 1(800)275-8326.

Southern California Motorcycle Crashes this week

Camarillo Motorcycle Crashed Into a Train – April 21st, 2016

Camarillo Motorcycle Crashed into a train. A 26 year-old man and a 23 year-old woman were riding a motorcycle through an intersection near Fifth Avenue and Las Posas Road around 6pm when they struck a Metrolink Train injuring the male rider and killing the woman passenger. The male was intoxicated while operating the motorcycle and arrested after he was treated from the VCMC Hopsital.

The Train had approximately 20 passengers aboard when the crash happened. A video camera positioned on the train was recovered for evidence. After the CHP finished their investigation the train was back on track for it’s daily travel. The investigation delayed the train for 2 hours before it continued its route. The crash may delay schedules Friday morning due to inspection of the train for operation.

Source: Ventura County Star

Motorcyclist Killed in Arleta on the 5 Freeway – April 21st 2016

Around 12:35 am on the southbound 5 Freeway near Osborne Street a motorcyclist ran into the back of a black pickup truck and ejected from the motorcycle. A big rig then struck the motorcyclist and was pronounced dead at the scene. The 5 Freeway was shutdown for a half an hour before traffic was able to move again.

The man in the black pickup truck was fine in his pickup but could not escape his truck until help arrived. The pickup’s truck bed cage had collapse enough to not allow the driver to escape out the doors and the jaws-of-life had to help release him.

The motorcyclist who collided with this pickup truck early Wednesday, April 20, 2016, on the 5 Freeway in Arleta died after he was then struck by a big rig. (Photo by Rick McClure/Special to the Los Angeles Daily News)

The freeway was cleared and operational along with the cancelled SigAlert at 4:42 am.

Source: Daily News

BIKER DOWN ALERT -April 21st 2016

bikerMember reported at 5:06 pm in Downey

Member stated a biker went down on fifth and lakewood in Downey. Bike was a black/silver with a green stunt cage. EMT was on scene. Member did say police stated rider was going to be okay, just in some pain.Rider was already gone by the time member arrived. No colors reported. No other info at this time.

BIKER DOWN ALERT – April 20th 2016

member reported Wednesday April 20 at 540pm at Long beach Blvd

Member reported a downed biker on the 105 East near the Long Beach Blvd. It was reported as a white Honda CBR with turquoise race rails. No colors reported. No other info at this time.

BIKER DOWN ALERT – April 20th 2016

Member reported Wednesday April 20 at 838 am on the I-15 S

Member reported a downed biker on the 15 south, near the 56, in the HOV lane. EMT was on scene. Biker was noted to be face down and unresponsive.There were two bikers/bikes on the shoulder next to the downed rider. Member stated the rider appeared to be wearing a full face flat black helmet, along with dark clothing, dark bookbag,possibly a Navy colored uniform. No colors reported. No other info at this time.

These are just a few of the motorcycle accidents that were reported by people of a motorcycle community on Facebook called Biker Down Alerts [SoCal] where members can report motorcycle accidents and are very responsive in posting the latest motorcycle crash news. This community was started in 2013 and now has over 12,000 people following.

At The Reinecke Law Firm we are always sad to hear of tragic accidents involving motorcycle deaths. We send our deepest condolences to the friends and families that were involved with these motorcycle accidents, we also hope for a speedy recovery to those who are still with us. The Reinecke Law Firm has fought for riders for over 28 years and has helped thousands of riders regain control of their lives following their accidents. If you or a loved one have been involved a motorcycle accident or crash Call The Reinecke Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at 1 (800) 275-8326. We Ride, We Fight, We Win!

Motorcyclists may have intentionally been hit by pickup driver – The Reinecke Law Firm

Six motorcyclists were involved in a crash that may have been intentionally caused by a Pickup driver Saturday April 16th on the 210 Freeway in Irwindale, California.

The motorcyclists were traveling at 65mph when a black pickup crossed multiple lanes and into one of the riders causing a chain reaction to the other five riders behind him. Two of those motorcyclists had hit a BMW in the carpool lane. crash

The pickup driver fled the scene and has not been discovered. No information of the license plate number or information of the driver has been reported.

Six people in the crash were reported injured, two had minor injuries, four of them were taken to the local hospital and of those four two were critically injured.

The crash closed down three of the highway lanes for a few hours while the crashes were cleaned up.

Anyone with more information about this crash please report it to The CHP Baldwin Park station at (626) 338-1164.

We are glad that no one lost their lives in this accident and we hope for the ones involved in this accident that they have a speedy recovery. If you or a loved one was injured or killed while riding a motorcycle call The Reinecke Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at (800)275-8326. We want to help you as quickly as possible with your recovery.


Best Motorcycle Accessories

When Riding Motorcycles on the road there are a few concerns aside from the fact that you are riding with other vehicles on the highways. Worries such as breaking down in the middle of nowhere, getting a flat, trying to communicate with a riding partner or buddy and overall just navigating around. We have come up with a few products to help you with some of those worries.

1. BikeMaster Multi-Tool With Sockets

Having a complete tool set at home is awesome but not convenient if you are stranded without a running motorcycle carrying it around in your saddlebag is a bit impractical. Instead, every rider should have a good pocket-sized multi-tool, and BikeMaster has created a good one: their Multi-Tool with Sockets has just about everything you might need for a quick roadside fix. It has 6 hex wrenches (sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm), a combo 8 – 10 – 15mm open end wrench, three sockets (8, 10 and 15mm) and a socket driver. Not bad for something that can fit right in your pocket!

bikemaster multi tool with sockets2. BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit

Every rider worst nightmare is getting a flat in the middle of nowhere. With this tire repair kit you’ll be prepared for time of getting a flat. Along with a complete array of tire and tube repair accessories (a complete patch kit as well as the necessary hand tools for the job), it comes with 4 small CO2 canisters to re-inflate a flat. And it can be used for tubed and tubeless tires.

3. Sena SMH-10D-11 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom Set

Using hand signals to communicate is rather dangerous and difficult to do, however, the water-resistant, touring-friendly Sena SMH-10 is a great accessory for your group rides that provide crystal clear sound. The set offers a good range of features, with ample intercom range (up to 900 m) to chat with other riders as well as your passenger. Voice prompts allow for completely hands-free control. And you can pair it with your phone to listen to music, phone calls and voice-aided navigation.

Sena SMH-10D-11 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom Set

4. Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

If you use your bike to commute to work or school, wearing a backpack can be a drag – literally. Standard nylon or canvas backpacks can flap around in the wind, which can make for an unpleasant ride. The Ogio No Drag Mach 3 backpack has a hard, aerodynamic shell that allows for excellent air flow, and provides additional protection for the stuff inside. At 1125 cu. in, it offers plenty of storage space, and sports protective compartments for laptops up to 15″, iPads/tablets, and smartphones. The hip belt’s buckle is off-center, which keeps it from scratching your gas tank.


Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

5. Skully AR-1 Helmet

The Skully AR-1 isn’t your ordinary brain bucket. According to Skully CEO Marcus Weller, speaking at a press conference in San Francisco earlier this year, it’s “the most complex consumer device on the planet”. The Skully boasts a rear-facing 180 degree camera integrated with an in-visor HUD (Heads-Up Display); the camera projects what’s going on behind you onto the bottom right portion of the visor. Regardless of where you turn your head, you’ll be able to see what’s happening “on your six”, as pilots might say. In addition, the HUD will give you basic info about the bike (speed, RPMs) and Skully is working on a turn-by-turn navigation system as well.

There have been delays – the helmet is now slated for release in the fall – but according to Weller, those delays were to ensure that the helmet meets both DOT and ECE standards. (The helmet will now feature a carbon fiber inlay for additional rider protection.) Right now the Skully AR-1 can be pre-ordered on the Skully website, as manufacturing has not yet begun; the cost is $1500, and there’s no word as to plans for distribution to other retailers.


Skully AR-1 Helmet

All of these accessories are great and amazing with their potential capabilities but they won’t always prevent you from being involved in an accident or crash. For those that are involved in a motorcycle crash please call The Reinecke Law Firm at 1(800)275-8326.

Yellow Alert Law / Hit-and-Run Alerts- The Reinecke Law firm

In 2015, the governor of California signed the Yellow Alert Bill which is to help find the evaders of hit-and-run accidents and crashes. The bill was originally written by Mike Gatto, an assemblyman of Glendale.


“It’s a very common sense bill that statistics show would greatly reduce the amount of people who get away with this very terrible crime,” Gatto said.

Brown vetoed a similar bill that passed the Assembly last year. Gatto said that he doesn’t know why Brown signed the bill this time around, “but we’re ecstatic about it.”

“This bill will make a very, very meaningful difference, I think, in the number of people who are brought to justice,” Gatto said. “And if more people are brought to justice, I think more people will do the decent thing, and that’s stop. And realize that if you flee the scene of an accident, it’s a crime; if you stop and render aid, then it’s just an accident.”

When Brown vetoed last year’s bill, he said that he was concerned about diluting the power of Amber Alerts with other messages. Gatto said that, given that highway signs are currently used to notify drivers of the state’s drought right and to urge them save water, there should  also be room for their use to notify them of hit and runs.

“Hopefully, the governor came to the same conclusion I did, which is that our network is not that burdened right now,” Gatto said.

Gatto said that the alerts would only be deployed in the area of a suspected hit-and-run, and that they wouldn’t trigger an alert to people’s cell phones.

Nearly over 40,000 car accidents in Los Angeles alone nearly half of them are classified as hit-and-run cases. In 2015 27 people were killed by hit-and-run accidents and 144 others suffered serious injuries. Of those case only a fifth of those cases were solved.

The Los Angeles bulletin system also alerts taxi-cab drivers and tells auto-body specialists to watch for vehicles coming into their shops dented or bloodied.

In addition, the city will offer standing rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit-and-run drivers: $50,000 for a fatal crash, $25,000 for a collision resulting in serious injury, $5,000 for an accident causing a lesser injury and $1,000 if there was property damage only.

Leaving the scene of a fatal crash or an accident that caused serious injury can lead to felony charges.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed during a hit-and-run while riding a motorcycle call The Reinecke Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at (800)275-8326. We want to help you recover as fast as possible.