Got a 2016 Kawasaki ZX 10R?

The new Kawaski ZX 10R is capable of speeds of 190mphs with about 200 horsepower at the wheels. For some this is capability is not enough speed but for most it is more than enough to handle. Recently there was a recall on all the bolts for holding the steering damper brackets which is important for the control of the motorcycle.

It is estimated that over 800 have been sold just in the US alone with this problem and all owners will receive a letter concerning this problem.

Kawasaki has agreed to fix the problem free of charge and would advise anyone who owns this motorcycle to come into their shops ASAP.

If you have been in an accident because of this problem contact the Reinecke Law Firm today at 1(800)275-8326, you may be entitled to higher compensation for your injuries.