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It’s always said that “It’s not the matter of ‘if’ you go down but ‘when’ you go down while riding a motorcycle.” Below we will talk about some of the most common ways motorcyclists end up in motorcycle accidents and some tips on how to avoid them yourself.

      • Head-On collision-

        While it is possible to survive a head on collision on a motorcycle you most likely won’t. Most causes of a head on collision on a motorcycle is from passing others, especially on a two-lane highway. Many motorcyclists will get impatient and decide to shoot gaps and get to their destinations as soon as possible only to find out they didn’t obey the laws of the road and end up in a fatal accident. Best possible way to avoid head on collisions is to obey the law an pass where appropriate, maintain a safe speed, visually see what’s in front of you and keep in control of your motorcycle.

      • Drinking-

        beerDrinking Alcohol plays a huge factor in motorcycle accidents. Majority of motorcycle accidents that have occurred are caused by drunk riders and drivers. Never drink and ride! Drinking makes you impaired and unable to control a motor vehicle, being a motorcycle or a car. Don’t ride in the late hours of the night when people are more inclined to drink and drive. This is just common sense.

      • Left-Hand Turns

        left-turn-accidentsLeft-hand turns do not mean that the motorcyclist is making a left-hand turn but a vehicle at an intersection is turning left, going through lanes of traffic. This is a very common cause of motorcycle crashes and accidents. Although it is the responsibility of the driver making the left hand turn to make the turn safely it is possible to avoid being hit. Always look many seconds ahead and check for signs of a car making a left-hand turn. Check to see if the driver sees you, slow down until you know the driver sees you. Try riding closer to traffic where the driver can see the traffic coming. Ride with your headlights on always, even with high beams on to increase visibility.

      • Lane-Splitting/Sharing

        laneSplittingDrivers are not all programmed to see motorcyclists whizzing by them. A lot of drivers do not like motorcyclists flying by them especially at high rates of speed. A motorcyclist typically changes lanes a lot more than cars and trucks and have a higher percentage of not being seen. Some of the best ways to prevent accidents while lane-splitting is to split only at slower speeds, watch for blinkers from others, always be ready to stop, avoid riding on the painted lines, especially when wet, be aware of motorcyclists coming from behind and in front.

      • Gravel or objects in the Road

        debrisLoose material is a major factor of why motorcyclists slide out and go down. Gravel on roads and debris from other vehicles and accidents are a cause of why motorcyclists lay their motorcycles down but it can be prevented. Most of the time it is not the debris and gravel that cause the accident but the speed of the motorcyclist. Speed increases the chances of sliding out especially when debris and gravel are present. Do not ride into corners blindly or at high rates of speed. Make sure you can visibly see what is on the road ahead.

      • Experience

        superbikeYour chances of having a motorcycle accident are a significantly higher if you are a first year rider. Whether you ride on the roads or off the road, your capabilities will increase with experience. You must understand what your capable of riding. For a beginner we would never recommend a sport bike but to go with a bike that has a simple engine size ranging from 250cc to 400cc and to also ride only in suburbs where less cars are present. Once your ability to ride develops and ready to move up classes we would recommend an engine size between 400cc-600cc and then moving up to any size that is comfortable once you mastered the previous motorcycle sizes. We also do not recommend purchasing a brand new motorcycle for a beginner motorcyclist. As a rule of thumb, don’t expect your first motorcycle to last forever.

      • Rear-Ended Collision

        You come to an abrupt stop and then bam, the car behind you sends you flying into the car in front of you. It happens more than you think. Drivers become distracted easily, whether it be kids, the radio or a cell phone, you need to always see what is going on behind you. Every time you come to a stop always check your rear view mirrors. Be aware of your surroundings, keep your bike in gear, just in case you need to get out of the way. Do not stop directly behind a car but off to the sides.

      • Wet Conditions

        wet-conditionsWhen it rains the worst time to be out riding is in the first hour after it starts raining. Loads of oil from the roads come up from the cracks and make it slippery to ride. Not only that but the paint and man-hole covers become slippery to ride as well. Be sure to have appropriate tires with good tread on them to avoid skidding and sliding on the surfaces. Also dont ride through a storm or heavy rain fall. Visibility is sure to be a problem as well as hydroplaning through puddles. Go slow and ride smart.

      • Group Rides

        group rideGroup Rides can be an enjoyable time being out with your friends and buddies for a cause or just for the heck of it. Riding in groups can be just as dangerous if not done properly. Know group riding etiquette and ride safe for yourself and the others you are riding with. We recommend that you ride in small groups or even alone to prevent any accidents from happening. Know the people that are in the group and ride at a good distance away from each person and don’t ride with idiot friends, you know, the ones showing off and being the cause of the accidents in the first place. Be smart and ride safely.

      • Opened Car Door

        car dorrYou are riding down the road and notice a big area you could ride through to get around the traffic, it’s just between active moving cars and many parked cars. Then Gary opens his door to get out and bam, you are on the ground. We have all seen in happen in the movies, the Italian Job, the Bourne Movies, James Bond. Don’t think about doing it yourself, those movies are all planned but in reality you can do yourself a favor and just don’t do it. Not just doors but cars are trying to get out of their parking spot, people are putting things away in their cars, pedestrians are poking their heads out trying to get to the other side. Leave that lane open and be safe.

I am sure there are many more causes of motorcycle accidents but these are some common California causes of them. If you are ever in an accident that is not your fault or think is not your fault please contact The Reinecke Law Firm today at 1(800)275-8326. We only deal with motorcycle accidents and we have dealt with more than 2500 accident cases and we have over 25 years of experience. Contact us today for a free case review.