Motorcycle Safety Devices – The Reinecke Law Firm

Technology is being enhanced everyday and lucky for us many advances allow us to be safer and more aware than ever. We will take a look at a few modern technologies that are designed for motorcycle safety beginning with some airbags.

‘Airbags for motorcycles’? You read that right. Some newer Honda Goldwings are equipped with a head on airbag for head on collisions but what about the other thousands or millions of riders not riding the Goldwings? In the last decade or so a few manufactures have created a jacket that inflates as to be an airbag. The airbag jackets are convenient and somewhat stylish, comparatively inexpensive, and quite amazing at saving your life.

Take a look below at this video of a motorcycle jacket airbag

It is quite amazing to know that may save a life and hopefully multiple lives from the hard impacts that motorcyclists have to deal with when caught in a crash.

Another airbag technology that is coming out are helmet airbags. The helmet airbags for now are mainly for bicyclists but are still being developed for motorcyclists. This would help visibility to the motorcyclists as they are often focused in a tunnel vision and have a hard time with their peripherals or even windscreen glares. I still don’t know if I would trust to without a hard helmet but it would be nice to have both available as double safety would be nice.

See the video below for a demonstration.

Other technology with motorcycle safety has a lot to do with lighting on the bike and the person. A lot of times motorcyclists can slow down quicker making it difficult for motorists to avoid them and sometimes motorists don’t realize they are slowing down at all. Some new technology with lights displayed on the back of a helmet may help people behind that they are braking. There are other lights such as LED lights that flash when braking can help drivers know they are slowing down. What about for the front of the motorcycle? Some motorcycles have LEDS in the front of the motorcycle and others even have lights that turn when the motorcycle leans to and from directions, they can follow the position of the motorcycle just as some lights follow the directions they are steering.

The Reinecke Law Firm always wishes all riders, big or small, beginner or experts, to always wear safety gear when riding. You can never predict an accident but you can always be prepared for one. The Reinecke Law Firm has been helping riders and their families around California for over 25 years. If you are ever in an accident that you know is not your fault we are here to help you claim what you deserve. Call us today at 1(800)275-8326.