Honda Grom Vs. Kawasaki Z125

Lately there has been a lot of hype about these new mini street legal motorcycles starting out with the Honda Grom. When it first appeared the Grom made big highlights being the smallest legal motorcycle to drive on the highways enabling beginner riders to experience life on a motorcycle.

Soon there will be Kawasaki’s version of the Honda Grom roaming around the streets here in the United States. Kawasaki’s version of the bike will be called the Z125 and will also come with a 125cc motor like the Honda Grom itself. All though these are new in the United States they have been appearing in other countries such as Thailand and Japan which have had great success.

2017 Kawasaki Z125
2016 Honda Grom







These little tike bikes are easy to handle, have enough power to get you going and they are even considered to have two seats. They are quite¬†affordable at around a $3000 price tag and are great fun to getting around town. There are so many benefits to the two motorcycles because of their size, you can virtually park anywhere, get around efficiently running on pennies for gas, and are sporty enough to put a smile on anyone’s face that rides or sees them.

The question of how will the two brands of motorcycles compare and which one will consumers like more? If you are wondering about the specifications of the motorcycles you may take a look here. Honda Grom. Kawasaki Z125.

Another question can be asked about whether Suzuki, Yamaha, or KTM or any other motorcycle company will create a mini legal motorcycle. Be sure to check your local motorcycle shop for more information.