Moto-Meter Maybe the New Motorcycle Taxi Standard


Here in the United States there have not been much said about Motorcycle Taxis as they are considered dangerous and would require everyone to wear motorcycle approved helmets. But in other countries Motorcycle Taxis are the best and easiest way to navigate around and through big congested cities.

Countries such as Brazil, India, Japan, and many more that I could probably not pronounce, use motorcycles as taxis since they are cheap, quick, and fun. Getting to and from work would nearly cost you less than a dollar or two and you wouldn’t need to worry about parking or getting stuck in traffic before or after work.

World Moto is the company that is taking over the motorcycle taxi service with their technology similar to Uber but made for safety as motorcyclists don’t have two hands free as they drive customers around. Moto-Meter is their technology that is making their taxi service reliable for the driver and their customers. It allows the customer see the route the driver took and the right price for the travel costs to confirm the amount to be paid to the driver.

Check out the video below about how it works.

Also be sure to check out their website: World Moto

Although the United States does not have an official motorcycle/motorscooter taxi service a small business in New York has attempted to build a Vespa Taxi service in New York that is supposed to be twice as cheap as getting a regular taxi in the Big Apple. This company is called ‘Motoconcho’, appropriately named after what the service is called in the Dominican-Republic. We will see how this fairs with people here in the United States.

Source: Motorcycle News

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