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If you are a motorcyclist or motorist we recommend that you like this Facebook page- Biker Down Alerts – Socal. This Facebook page will alert you of any recent motorcycle accidents in Southern California. You may ask “why motorists?”, we say motorists to make them more aware of bikers on the road. Many motorists do not realize how many left turns they do not seeing bikers coming down the road. Motorcyclists that have been in a fatal accident have mostly been killed by a driver who had been making a left hand turn. We strongly urge people to always be aware of everything going on around them as they commute, that means bikers, motorcycles, and motorists.

We do not like to see or  hear about motorcycles, especially when it could be one of our loved ones involved. Please keep your eyes open and watch all around you for motorcyclists.

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  • 3/9/2016 Anaheim 57 North near Orangethorpe

    Reported by a member at 4:29pm. The rider was up against the center divider up and talking with CHP. FD was also on scene. Looked to be a cruiser type bike.

    No other info is available regarding the rider or bike.

    Prayers to the rider and those involved. ~Bill

    Biker Down Alerts [SoCal]'s photo.

  • 3/9/2016 Wintergardens and Sapota dr in Lakeside.The member reported that Police and Medical were on scene. A red Suzuki was involved.

    No other info is available regarding the rider or bike.

    Prayers to the rider and those involved. ~Bill

  • Santa Ana”On 03/08/16, officers responded to the scene of a traffic collision involving a motorcycle and a truck at the intersection of 17th St. and Linwood Ave.

    At approximately 8:12pm, a 2006, Harley Davidson, being ridden by a male adult was traveling eastbound on 17th St. at Linwood Ave. when he collided with a 2002, Toyota, Tundra as the driver of the Toyota made a left turn from westbound 17th St. to southbound Linwood Ave.”

    Condolences to the riders family and friends. Prayers to all involved. ~Bill

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    Prayers and Condolences to friends and family that were involved in the accidents above from The Reinecke Law Firm, helping motorcyclists and their families in Southern California for over 25 years.