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Best Motorcycle Repairs Now

Best Motorcycle Repairs Now

Get Your Motorcycle Repaired or Replaced Fast!

After a motorcycle accident, and you bike has been towed, the first questions you may ask are, " Where is my motorcycle?" and " Who will pay for it?"

Unlike other "motorcycle lawyers" we handle your property damage claim for "FREE."

Where Is My Motorcycle?

After the accident, your motorcycle will typically be towed to a wrecking or tow yard where they will attempt to hold your motorcycle hostage as long as possible; the longer the yard has your bike, the more it gets paid for storage. Under California law, only you, as the Registered Owner, can "release" your motorcycle and have it moved to a "fee-free" location. If your motorcycle is totalled, it might require additional towing to get it to another lot.

We always recommend that you have your motorcycle "released" from the tow yard and moved as soon as possible. You may initially have to pay for the towing and storage costs, but we will work to get you reimbursed for your total out-of-pocket expenses fast.

Motorcycle Damage Post-Accident

I know damage to your motorcycle can be as traumatic, painful, and expensive as your injuries. If your motorcycle was damaged in an accident, you need the information required to make a fast repair claim to get prompt, fair and reasonable repairs or the replacement value of your bike.

A good motorcycle accident attorney can help you make your property damage claim. As your legal representative, attorney Tom Reinecke will locate, photograph, inspect, and evaluate your property damage claim - to help you expedite the repair or replacement of your motorcycle- and at the Reinecke Law Firm there is never a fee, not one dime, to handle the property damage portion of your claim.

Total Loss

No biker likes to hear that his bike was determined to be a "total loss" after an accident. "Total loss" means that the cost of repairs is more than 70 percent of the fair market value of the motorcycle before the accident.

Many of our clients have bikes that are special and unique, with custom chrome, pipes, painting or other personalized modifications. It's often difficult to determine the value of such specialty motorcycles. An independent appraisal may be required to evaluate the cost of repairs or replacement value of the motorcycle. Rest assured, you will get "top dollar" for your bike with the help of our firm.

Free call and confidential consultation: If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident call California's best motorcycle accident attorney Tom Reinecke at 800-275-8326 for an immediate, no-obligation consultation. Find out how much your case is worth by or simply fill out our case evaluation form.

ALWAYS: No Recovery - No Fee


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer